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    Isobel- I really like this name and this spelling has drastically grown on me.
    Eloise- This isn't my favorite El- name but I still like it.
    Matilda- I've liked the name Matilda ever since I read the Roald Dahl book, and I think it's a wonderful association for a name.
    Alice- Alice seems clean and fresh to me, and I can imagine it on a little girl very easily, and I also love the Alice in Wonderland books.
    Eleanor- Eleanor has grown on me and has a very nice sound.
    Amelia- I think this is a very pretty name.
    Elena- I think it is one of the most perfect names I have stumbled upon because it is useable, feminine, pretty, not too popular but still familiar, and is all around just a fabulous name.
    Mirabel- I like this name, but it seems a bit frilly.
    Felicity- I have always loved the spunkiness of Felicity and I actually adore the name.
    Phoebe- I like the sound of Phoebe a lot.
    Tallulah- I know a spoiled brat who is rude to everyone named Tallulah so she has completely spoiled the name for me.
    Rosalia- It seems a bit over the top feminine- I prefer Rosalie.
    Azalea- I have known someone named Azalea since I was little and I have always found it a very pretty name.

    I would only use Eilidh or Roisin if you live in a place where these would be pronounced correctly on instinct. I like Eilidh, but Roisin doesn't sound as nice to me.

    One interesting thing I noticed is that 13/15 of your names have the letter L in them.
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    Isobel- (6 out of 10) Isobel is a very lovely version of the uber-popular Isabella, and my very favorite of all the variations. Definitely better than Isabella! It's a gorgeous, established name.
    Eloise- (6 out of 10) This is quite pretty. I would call a little Eloise 'Lissa' or 'Ellie'. She's vintage and spunky.
    Matilda- (4 out of 10) Not exactly my style, but I love Roald Dahl's character of Matilda, and the nickname Tillie is precious!
    Alice- (8 out of 10) Alice is gorgeous, timeless, and classic. I love this!
    Eleanor- (8 out of 10) Another classic, beautiful, strong, and lovely.
    Amelia- (5.5 out of 10) Has a very classic, grownup feel. I don't love any of its nicknames, though.
    Elena- (6.5 out of 10) I like it when pronounced uh-LAY-nuh
    Mirabel- (3.5 out of 10) It's pretty, but for some reason it gives me an old-lady vibe. all the 'Mir' names do that.
    Felicity- (6 out of 10) Felicity was a favorite a long, LONG time ago, and I can still see its appeal. Very girly and pretty.
    Phoebe- (8.5 out of 10) Phoebe is a gem! She's unique but well-known, and she is so lovely. I would love to meet a little Phoebe.
    Tallulah- (3 out of 10) I don't love this one. Tallulah seems to frilly to me.
    Eilidh (Ay-lee)- (4 out of 10) Eilidh looks gorgeous, but I don't like the way it sounds. It would have a lot of spelling issues.
    Rosalia- (3.5 out of 10) I prefer spunky Roslyn to girlish Rosalia.
    Roisin (Ro-sheen)- (8.5 out of 10) This is so gorgeous! I love it as a middle! There'd be some pronunciation/spelling issues, but it's so lovely that I really don't care TBH. It's lovely!
    Azalea- (5 out of 10) This is OK, but it doesn't really do anything for me.
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    Isobel -- favorite spelling of this. There are popular names and then there are popular names that additionally share a nickname with a hoard of other rising-in-popularity names. Bell/Bella-names being one of these. Kinda takes it from being popular to uber-popular.

    Eloise -- Adore it completely. I have a good friend with this name, plus the books. It is unique in sound yet so much finesse. Love it.

    Matilda -- Not a fan. Fear nn Matty would be inevitable and not a fan of Tilly either.

    Alice -- Neutral on this one. Though I like that you have three prominent little girls from literature on your list here!

    Eleanor -- Timeless classic. Seeing a lot of revival from this category of names. This one doesn't quite have the refreshed feel of the other ones though.

    Amelia -- Can't go wrong.

    Elena -- Much preferred over Eleanor.

    Mirabel -- Adorable, same "bell" issue as above. Preferred over Isobel however.

    Felicity -- I only know one and I have a hard time imagining it on anyone else! Won't be much help with this one.

    Phoebe -- Not a fan of this name. It's underwhelming to me for some reason, even though it has a cuteness about it.

    Tallulah -- I think this is one of those fresh vintage names that is a little more daring than the Violets and Pearls and etc. I would love to meet a lil' one with this name. It's a bit overthetop, but fun.

    Eilidh -- Impossible spelling / pronunciation for those unfamiliar with Gaelic culture. I love this name and how it is spelled, somehow not liking the anglo Aylie or Aylee at all. But the first point places these names as guilty pleasures for me personally. I think it does help if you are Irish or Scottish though.

    Rosalia -- Prefer Rosalie, as I feel that Rosalia is a little overcomplicating what's already lovely. Also, people will say Ro-SALL-ee-uhh, Ro-SAI-lee-uh as well as Ros-uh-LEE-uh with the same amount of frequency, I think.

    Roisin -- Same issue as Eilidh, however I don't like this name at all. Sounds grating. I have the same issue with Saoirse.

    Azalea -- a less common though very useable flower name that is just lovely. Fun and lovely.

    Clear winners IMO Eloise, Tallulah, Elena, Azalea.

    Runners up: Amelia, Eilidh, Mirabel.
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    I really like most of your names!
    Isobel- I like Isobel. I really like the spelling (I go back and forth between liking Isabel or Isobel). I think it is really pretty and there is a reason it is so popular (Isabelle)!
    Eloise- eh. I don't dislike Eloise, but I don't like it either. I hated the books when I was little, so that might factor into it. I like Heloise slightly better.
    Matilda- I like the sound, but I'm not really a fan. My brother's favorite movie was Matilda so I've seen the movie so many times, that I really dislike the name now. But I would like to meet a Matilda, it isn't bad.
    Alice- LOVE. I love Alice, I love how it is classic and sweet and sophisticated all at the same time.
    Eleanor- I really like Eleanor. I think it is classy and sophisticated, which I like. I think it is coming back in style.
    Amelia- LOVE. I think it is timeless and sweet.
    Elena- (I say El-ay-nuh) I like. I prefer Helena (which I say hel-ay-nuh), but I like Elena. It is sweet and pretty.
    Mirabel- I really like Mirabel. It has a sweet sound, and I love the nicknames Mira & Belle. Lovely!
    Felicity- LOVE. It is my favorite word name. I think it is sweet and feminine and classy. Love it.
    Phoebe- LOVE. Phoebe is so sweet and sassy. Love the sound and the meaning. Nothing I don't love.
    Tallulah- I like it. I think it has a pretty sound. It is a bit too out there for me, but it has grown on me (I used to hate it).
    Eilidh (Ay-lee)- I wouldn't have known how to pronounce it before nameberry, (not sure how popular this name is in Australia) so I think most people wouldn't know how to pronounce it either.
    Rosalia- I like it. It has a romantic sound. I have to say I prefer Rosaline (roz-uh-line), but I like Rosalia too.
    Roisin (Ro-sheen)- Again, before nameberry, I wouldn't have known how to pronounce it, and I don't think other people would either.
    Azalea- I have recently started to like this one. I like the sound and the flower association. I really like it.
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    I really like your naming style! Obviously, we've got a lot in common because I named my little girl Phoebe Isobel in June!

    Isobel- Love! It's just a nice variation from the traditional (and popular!) Isabelle.
    Eloise- I like it.
    Matilda- Love! It's traditional with a great literary connection but not too old fashioned.
    Alice- Really like this as well. Great name that can carry a girl through adulthood without sounding cutesy.
    Eleanor- Really like all the nickname possibilities...Ellie, Nora, Nori, Ella.
    Amelia- Very nice.
    Elena- A good, solid name but really feminine sounding.
    Mirabel- A little too romantic for my taste but it does sound pretty.
    Felicity- I don't really like giving "virtue" names to kids...sets the bar super high and what if it doesn't fit?
    Phoebe- My favorite name ever.
    Tallulah- A bit frilly for me.
    Rosalia- I think I agree with the person above who said they liked Rosalie better.
    Azalea- Great underused floral name!
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