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    Ever vs. Evermore

    Hi all.

    I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on Ever vs. Evermore. Do you all find Evermore to be too heavy? I was planning on using Ever as a nn for Evermore, but a lot of the feedback I'm getting on Evermore is that it is too fairytale and doesn't sound like a name. IMO the name has a very classic, romantic, and timeless feel. Where do you all stand on Ever vs Evermore?

    Pairings would be Evermore/Ever Soleil/Imogen.

    Thank you !

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    I would not be impressed if my parents named me Evermore. I don't love Ever on a girl (I really like it on a boy though, but my intro to the name was Éver Banega, the footballer), but Ever is much more livable than Evermore. And if you'd be calling her Ever even if you name her Evermore, you might as well make it easier on her.
    Definitely go with Imogen as a middle. Soleil is a masculine noun, and it drives me bananas when I see it as an English name. Imogen, on the other hand is lovely, literary, and unexpected.
    Ever Imogen is quite pretty!
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    Evermore Imogen is a gorgeous name !!

    If you love it I say go for it

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    Here are my thoughts:
    *Ever would definitely be an easier name to carry
    *Evermore, though more unusual, could be nickname Eve or Evie if she went through a stage of wanting a really normal name.
    *I would be more excited to meet an adorable little girl named Evermore, because I cherish unusual names.
    *Ever would still be an unusual choice, so your little girl could still stand out from the Emma's and Isabelle's.
    *Evermore does sound like a fairy tale character. But I can see a grown Evermore working as a lawyer, as well.

    The verdict:
    Keep Evermore over Ever. It is pretty, bold, and easily shortened to a more grounded choice. Overall, I think it would make a quirky choice, in a good way.

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    Vote for Evermore Soleil. I know Evermore is kind of heavy, but the combo is absolutely gorgeous.
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