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    Jameson: Too surnamey and I never know if it's James-son or Ja-mess-on
    Sebastian: Love this
    Samuel: Its beautiful but the nickname Sam is unescapable if you like Sam just as much then I would use it.
    Xander: Prefer Alexander
    Liam: I like this
    Archer: One of my personal favourites especially with the nickname Archie
    Carter: I prefer Cooper
    Walter: Too old fashioned
    Jacob: I like this but I think it would sound more like a brother to Emily then a son of an Emily if you get what I'm saying
    Dominic: Not my favourite
    Finnegan: I prefer Finnian
    Barnaby: Too Barney the Purple Dinosaur
    Paul: A very biblical choice so I think its perfect for you if I met a Paul I would think he's religious
    Henry: I love this
    Oliver: Another favourite

    And another berry has a son named Archer Cohen Bear
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    1. Jameson - not my favourite of the 'son' names, but it's nice. I like Jamie as a nickname!
    2. Sebastian - my parents considered naming me this, I don't mind it, I have a friend named Sebastian so I think of him when I hear it.
    3. Samuel - I LOVE Samuel! One of my favourites!
    4. Xander - I prefer Alexander or Alistair - Xander seems too trendy.
    5. Liam - Another one of my favourites!
    6. Archer - not a fan of Archer, it's nice, but not my favourite.
    7. Carter - too overused where I live to be honest.
    8. Walter - Walter's another favourite of mine! I love it!
    9. Jacob - I know so many Jacob's, I'm actually bored with the name, aha. I prefer Jake or Jack
    10. Dominic - I don't mind this, but it feels a bit dated, I know 4 Dominic's - all of whom are 18-19 years old.
    11. Finnegan - LOVE Finnegan!
    12. Barnaby - Not a fan of Barnaby, reminds me of old English butlers.
    13. Paul - Paul's wonderful!
    14. Henry - Tied for my #1 favourite with Emerson right now!
    15. Oliver - Love Oliver!

    Possible Combos:
    Jameson Elijah nn Jem - not a fan of Jem, it reminds me more of Jemima - but the combo flows nicely.
    Walter Sebastian - I like this!
    Samuel George - I love Samuel George, but it's a little bit plain.
    Xander Nathaniel - It's a bit of a mouthful.
    Archer Cohen - Not a fan, I saw Archer Cohen on another naming site and I didn't like it all that much then either.
    Carter James - bit boring and plain, but not too bad.
    Jacob Mason - Mason Jacob's a bit better.
    Dominic Wolf - I don't like Wolf as a name at all, I dislike most animal names for children.
    Finnegan Peter - It's nice but not a fan of the flow.
    Barnaby Paul - not a fan of this at all!
    Paul Tristan - eh, Tristan Paul is nicer.
    Henry Alton - this is nice.
    Oliver Graham - I love this one!


    Samuel Graham
    Samuel Archer
    Finnegan Jacob
    Tristan Paul
    Mason Jacob
    Dominic William
    Dominic Paul
    Xander James
    Xander Graham
    Carter Dominic

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    love - Sebastian, Liam, Archer, Carter, Paul, Henry
    like - Jameson, Xander, Jacob, Oliver
    neutral - Samuel, Dominic, Finnegan (I love Finn, Finley, and Finnian)
    dislike - Walter, Barnaby

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    Jameson - I prefer James, but Jameson is handsome too.
    Sebastian - Sebastian is in my top list. Swoon-worthy!
    Samuel - Samuel is okay, but I dislike the nickname Sam.
    Xander - It's okay.
    Liam - I like it.
    Archer - Archer makes me smile, I love it so much! I also adore Archie.
    Carter - For some reason, I tend to dislike names that begin with "car".
    Walter - So many pleasing associations! I like it.
    Jacob - I dislike Jacob. Jake is okay.
    Dominic - Not my style, but I think it's handsome.
    Finnegan - I like it.
    Barnaby - I love it.
    Paul - It's my dad's name (pronounced a bit differently, though) and I've always loved it.
    Henry - I'd love to meet a little Henry.
    Oliver - I adore Oliver.

    Archer Cohen (and Archer Cohen Bear that was mentioned) might be one of the best combos I've ever seen. I also like Jameson Elijah, Barnaby Paul and Oliver Graham.
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    I love Sebastian and I like Liam. That's about it.

    I don't hate any of your names with passion, they're just not my type of names.

    I don't know exactly what boy names are my type, I'm exploring, in search of cool boy names.

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