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    It makes me so sad to see all the hate for Barnaby... One of my favs!!!! But I also like Archer, Sebastian, Xander, and Finnegan from your list!!!

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    I like/love these names from your list with my faves in bold:


    I dislike these names:

    Jameson - sounds like James wasn't posh enough so the parents upped the snob meter with this one.
    Xander - A great nickname for Alexander but much too trendy as a standalone name
    Liam - I've never liked this name - it just sounds so weak and whiny (Ian is another one)
    Archer - trendy
    Carter - cart her?

    Possible Combos:
    Jameson Elijah nn Jem - I don't like either name and I don't like the repetitive "juh" sounds
    Walter Sebastian - vintage and dashing
    Samuel George - two solid classic names
    Xander Nathaniel - Alexander is preferred.
    Archer Cohen - no to both names. One for its trendiness and the mn for its controversy.
    Carter James - James Carter was President Jimmy Carter's real name.
    Jacob Mason - two of the top names in America - the parents didn't look very far.
    Dominic Wolf - Love Dominic but not a fan of Wolf
    Finnegan Peter - happy and crackles with energy
    Barnaby Paul - spunky and flows well together
    Paul Tristan - I would prefer Tristan Paul but this is a nice combo.
    Henry Alton - handsome and distinguished
    Oliver Graham - spunk and oh so very British
    All the best,

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    Jameson - I'm not a big fan of '-son' names usually but I quite like this.
    Sebastian - Second favourite of your list. Seb is a cute nn.
    Samuel - Nice enough.
    Xander - As a name on its own I prefer Xavier, but I love Xander as a nn for Alexander.
    Liam - I like William much more.
    Archer - Really like Archer and nn Archie is cute!
    Carter - Its fine but I personally don't like it.
    Walter - Way too old fashioned.
    Jacob - I really love Jacob & Jake but I know so many!
    Dominic - My favourite on your list.
    Finnegan - I like Finn, Finnian & Flynn, but Finnegan just makes me think of the Michael Finnegan nursery rhyme.
    Barnaby - I want to like Barnaby, but I just think Barney, then purple dinosaurs...
    Paul - I like Paul as a mn.
    Henry - Strong classic name.
    Oliver - I like Oliver and I love nn Ollie.

    From your Combos I like:
    Jameson Elijah (nn Jem)
    Samuel George
    Archer Cohen
    Dominic Wolf

    What about:
    Sebastian Paul
    Jacob Henry
    Henry Jacob
    Alexander Nathaniel (nn Xander)
    Alexander Barnaby
    Dominic James
    Dominic George
    Oliver James
    Oliver Nathaniel

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    Jameson is a nice name, it's got a little more flair to it then the more common "James." It's average in my eyes, but I don't have anything against it.

    Sebastian is a name I've never particularly liked. There's just something about it that puts me off. I wouldn't personally use it, but I guess it's okay on other people's children.

    Samuel is a very sweet name that I love. It's got that colonial charm and sweetness to it that I adore, as well as the nickname "Sam," which has always been cute to me.

    Xander is okay. I'm not too big a fan of "X" names, and I actually like this one spelled "Zander." Otherwise, people might pronounce it Ex-An-Der, which isn't nearly as attractive.

    Liam I like as a nickname. Otherwise, I'm not a fan. William & Uilliam are my two favorite full names to reach this cute, spunky, and modern nickname. I just worry about how close Liam is to "lime." That's always bothered me.

    Archer I love. Very cool and sassy, all while being energetic and new. It's fresh. Plus, I adore the nickname "Archie."

    Carter is okay. It's an average name I've heard a million times. Nothing really to say about it.

    Walter I do not like. It's way too dated for a little boy, and reminds me of Walt Disney, and the myth that his body is frozen somewhere deep inside of the Disney studios. Creepy.

    Jacob is a name I've never liked, it's just a personal bias. Other than that, it's a fin, sturdy name with a great history.

    Dominic is a solid name. I don't have any qualms with it, but I'm not a big fan, either. "Nico" is my favorite nickname.

    Finnegan is cute. It's got some sass and spunk to it, as well as a calming aura and sweet vibe. I'd naturally go with the nickname "Finn," which instantly makes the name more of my style. Phineas is my favorite variant.

    Barnaby isn't one of my favorites. It's really strange, and reminds me of barnacles. Bellamy is a much softer and more usable variant.

    Paul is old. Paul is worn. And Paul is average.

    Henry I LOVE. How adorable and sweet and classic and strong. The name of King. There's something so very strong and valiant about this name, that I feel almost like it should be on the US top 10. It's really the best classic name I can think of, and I'd love to see this on a little boy.

    Oliver is beyond adorable. It's got that awesome sound that I love, something very modern and fun while still being classic and having great historical roots. A wonderful name all around, and I truly find it one of the best names out there for little boys.
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    Wow! Thank you for all of the feedback. I'm on my phone now, but I'll respond to each of you personally when I can get on my laptop.

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