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    Jameson —*Too obviously a surname and lacks the classic, timeless quality of James. Furthermore it reminds me of the liquor (whiskey?) of the same name. I do like the nickname Jem.
    Sebastian —*Elegant, versatile & strong.
    Samuel —*Nice, strong, "can't-go-wrong with" name, but slightly boring too my tastes.
    Xander —*Very cool but I'd prefer to see Alexander on the birth certificate.
    Liam —*Beautiful, soft & strong at the same time. Too bad about the rising popularity in the US.
    Archer —*One of the best word/occupational names. The meaning & mythological/cultural associations are awesome. Archie is adorable, too. (However, I would pair this with a more classic/established middle name: Archer Sebastian, Archer Henry, or Archer Dominic?)
    Carter —*Feels to surnamey & preppy too me. I don't like the image it conveys.
    Walter —*Great underused classic; it reminds me of Walt Disney. I love the nicknames Wally & Wat.
    Jacob — Nice & classic, despite the popularity. I like Coby better than Jake as a nickname.
    DominicLovely, strong, elegant classic, with lots of nickname possibilities. I slightly prefer the French form, Dominique.
    Finnegan —*Remind's me of James Joyce, which is always a plus. One of the best longer options for Finn.
    Barnaby —*Cool, underused & quirky.
    Paul —*Simple, classic, and unexpected. Great associations, too —*from Paul McCartney to Paul Newman. I don't care for Paulie / Pauley, though.
    Henry —*One of the best English names: simple but regal, strong but accessible, with plenty of excellent namesakes, and lots of nickname possibilities.
    Oliver —*Just a good strong name.

    As for combos, my favorites are Dominic Wolf, Samuel George, Finnegan Peter, and Walter Sebastian.
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    Great list! Walter, Paul, Henry, Samuel, and Oliver are all wonderful. We have a Henry and are strongly considering Walter or Samuel if our upcoming arrival is a boy.
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    Jameson: I cannot stand this name. I think it sounds awful, and makes me squirm.
    Sebastian: I really like it. It's super cute on a little kid, handsome on an adult, and has some great nicknames.
    Samuel: Quite popular, but a really nice name, and Sam is great.
    Xander: Not my style; I prefer Alexander. I feel like a Xander wouldn't be a nice guy.
    Liam: Popular, but a great name.
    Archer: One of the few occupational names I like. Plus, Archie is just adorable.
    Carter: Eh, not a fan.
    Walter: I LOVE this. It's my No. 3 boy name.
    Jacob: I'm pretty neutral about Jacob. It's one of those names that could fit pretty much any kid.
    Dominic: It's okay, but it seems a bit dated, because all the Dominics I know are in their thirties/fourties.
    Finnegan: Cute, especially when paired with the right middle.
    Barnaby: I love it as a middle name, but it's nice as a first too.
    Paul: Yeah, it's okay.
    Henry: A very charming vintage-toned name.
    Oliver: Reminds me of Oliver Twist. I like it.

    My favorites: Sebastian, Walter, Archer, Henry and Oliver

    Possible Combos:
    Jameson Elijah nn Jem: I love Jem, but Jameson is awful. I like Elijah as a first name.
    Walter Sebastian: Love this! Wonderful name.
    Samuel George: Quite common. I don't think I'd pair two popular names.
    Xander Nathaniel: I like Nathaniel, not Xander.
    Archer Cohen: No. Not Cohen - too many issues with that name.
    Carter James: A bit blah.
    Jacob Mason: I don't like the shared 'ay' sound. Plus, Mason makes Jacob feel very trendy.
    Dominic Wolf: Nice! I like Wolf as middle.
    Finnegan Peter: This looks weird to me, because it looks like someone's first and last names got mixed up.
    Barnaby Paul: This doesn't do either Barnaby or Paul any favors.
    Paul Tristan: Good combination! I really like Tristan.
    Henry Alton: Not my style, but it's a good name.
    Oliver Graham: Very nice.

    My favorites: Walter Sebastian, Dominic Wolf and Paul Tristan

    Finnegan Oliver
    Jacob Nathaniel
    Samuel Barnaby
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    Jameson - This is handsome
    Sebastian - This too, though to me it is better on a child than a grown man
    Samuel - I like this, very safe
    Xander - NO. Better as a nn for Alexander.
    Liam - I love Liam
    Archer - Archer is wonderful, its on our boys' list. I would use nn Archie so I could say it like Edith Bunker
    Carter - This is fine, but I don't see the appeal
    Walter - I like that this name has options (Walter, Wally, Walt) but I don't love the sound of it
    Jacob - I like this, very safe. Unfortunately also terrifyingly popular. Thank you Twilight
    Dominic - I like this, nn Dom
    Finnegan - I'm not a fan. This is a try-hard name IMO
    Barnaby - This doesn't do it for me
    Paul - I like this, very safe
    Henry - I like this but prefer Henrik, nn Hank
    Oliver - Super popular, for a reason... Its a well rounded name with cute nn Ollie
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    My favorite of your possible combos:

    Jameson Elijah nn Jem
    Walter Sebastian
    Samuel George
    Finnegan Peter
    Paul Tristan
    Henry Alton

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