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    Love your list! My favorite combos that you made are :
    Oliver Graham
    Walter Sebastian
    Archer Cohen
    Samuel George

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    dramagrl19 Guest
    Lexie: Thank you for the input!

    Nkethdy: Thanks for the combo love! I quite like Walter Harvey in your sig.

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    Oooooops and I forgot my favorite combos:

    Jameson Elijah
    Archer Cohen<---- SO cool and handsome!
    Oliver Graham
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    Jameson - Love. I see below that you'd use "Jem" as a nickname, which just makes me love it even more.
    Sebastian - I still adore this name, even though it has a really negative character connection for me
    Samuel - Not a fan, but there's nothing wrong with it
    Xander - Prefer Alexander. Names that start with X just look off to me. But Alexander is one of my favorites
    Liam - Adore.
    Archer - I don't like it. It just brings up the nickname Archie and that's just...gross to me
    Carter - I like it.
    Walter - Too dated. The only Walter I've ever known was my grandfather, who would be in his nineties today. It's one of the names that will always read old to me
    Jacob - Cute. This is one that's definitely a little overdone (always).
    Dominic - Another of my favorites. Love the NN Dom and Nick.
    Finnegan - Aw it's cute.
    Barnaby - Hate. Just irrationally hate.
    Paul - It's perfectly fine. A little blah.
    Henry - LOVE. I swoon so hard over this name, which is funny because it is definitely an "old man" name.
    Oliver - LOVE

    Possible Combos:
    Jameson Elijah nn Jem - Love
    Walter Sebastian - The combination is nice, but I still do not favor Walter
    Samuel George - This is cute. I feel like this would be a a sixteenth century poet or something.
    Xander Nathaniel - Don't like it. Nathaniel is so classic and strong and Xander is just...trendy and unfinished. Alexander Nathaniel would be nice. Nathaniel Alexander is even better.
    Archer Cohen - Cute. I still don't like Archer, but it's not atrocious.
    Carter James - Cute
    Jacob Mason - This is way too common, even for me.
    Dominic Wolf - Very cute!
    Finnegan Peter - Hate Peter. The sound and the look of Peter makes me gag.
    Barnaby Paul - Nope. Again my my irrational hatred for the name Barnaby
    Paul Tristan - Tristan Paul. I prefer Paul in the middle spot. It just seems very clipped for a first name.
    Henry Alton - LOVE LOVE.

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    dramagrl19 Guest
    Marshmallow: Thanks for the Archer Cohen love!

    Taryn: Thanks for the input! I really love Nathaniel Alexander.

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