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    dramagrl19 Guest

    BRUTALLY HONEST opinions on my boy's list

    Hi Berries! I'm reevaluating my name lists, so I want to know what you all think of the names on my list. I am not afraid of brutal honestly


    Possible Combos:
    Jameson Elijah nn Jem
    Walter Sebastian
    Samuel George
    Xander Nathaniel
    Archer Cohen
    Carter James
    Jacob Mason
    Dominic Wolf
    Finnegan Peter
    Barnaby Paul
    Paul Tristan
    Henry Alton
    Oliver Graham

    Please be brutally honest when critiquing my names! Because let's face it...I need all the help I can get! If you have any combo suggestions, I would love to hear them. Thank you SO much!!

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    Jameson--- One of those names I wish I could use!
    Sebastian-- Cool name, just nms
    Samuel--- Strong, Classic. Can't go wrong.
    Xander--- I really like this.
    Liam--- Much to common now. I prefer this in the middle spot. It makes a great middle because it goes with a lot.
    Archer--- My future son's middle name so of course I love it.
    Carter--- Much too common.
    Walter--- Way too dated.
    Jacob--- WAY to common. Middle spot?
    Dominic--- Again, cool name, just nms.
    Finnegan--- This is growing on me.
    Barnaby--- Definitely my least favorite. I think of the big purple dinosaur.
    Paul--- Dated. Another possible middle?
    Henry--- Classic and handsome.
    Oliver--- One of my favorites.
    Overall, I love your taste in names!
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    Jameson: Like, nice name, not my favorite, but spin on a classic that works.
    Sebastian: Love! Great name.
    Samuel: Love! Classic, strong, friendly.
    Xander: NMS. Would like it more if Alexander was the full name and Xander was a nn.
    Liam: Don't care for. It's just kind of dull to me.
    Archer: Cute. Love the nn Archie.
    Carter: It's ok. I have a friend with a son named Carter and it wears it well.
    Walter: I've really been warming up to Walter lately. I think it's ready for its revival!
    Jacob: Nice name but way too popular for a first, I think. (This coming from someone who used a name in the Top 30...but top 10 and especially top 5 are just EVERYWHERE).
    Dominic: Don't like this. Can't really say why.
    Finnegan: Like it a lot. Finn is such a great nn.
    Barnaby: So fresh and fun! It's so fun to say! I like "Barnes" as a nn.
    Paul: Sturdy, classic, great associations. I'm not crazy about it, but it's undeniably a respectable name.
    Henry: Hits the sweet spot between manly and gentle. I like it.
    Oliver: Adore! Would use if my DH didn't hate it.

    I like these combos, with * denoting my favorites.
    Jameson Elijah nn Jem
    Walter Sebastian*
    Samuel George
    Archer Cohen (I like Archer Nathaniel better)
    Finnegan Peter*
    Barnaby Paul*
    Henry Alton
    Oliver Graham*

    Walter Sebastian is my overall favorite!
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    dramagrl19 Guest
    Marshmallow: Thank you! I love your taste in names as well.

    Stlmama: Thanks for the input! Archer Nathaniel nn Archie is adorable. I also like the idea of Alexander nn Xander. Barnes is a nice nickname for Barnaby.

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    Overall I think your list is a good and solid list. Personally I rather strongly dislike the name Barnaby. I know many berries love it, but it’s just one of those names I just will never understand.
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