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    Annabeth - Annabeth is pretty. I would prefer Annabel or Elizabeth.
    Jubilee - I personally would not use Jubilee but it is very sweet.
    Carlotta - I do not care for Carlotta.
    Dulcinea nn Daisy - I do not care for Dulcinea. Daisy is sweet, I personally would only use it as a middle name.
    Josie - Josie is okay.
    Lola - I do not care for Lola.
    Tamar - I do not care for Tamar.
    Indira - I do not care for Indira.
    Elisabeth - Elisabeth is beautiful. I personally prefer Elizabeth.
    Lorelei - I do not care for Lorelei.
    Merida - I do not care for Merida.
    Alice - Alice is nice. I am pretty neutral.
    Mila - I do not care for Mila. I love Mia.
    Arabella - I do not care for Arabella.
    Ava - Ava is pretty.
    Finley - Finley is cute. I prefer Finn or Finley for a boy.
    Harley - Harley is cute but not a name I would personally use.
    Carlie - Carlie is sweet.
    Claire - Claire is beautiful and sweet.

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    You asked for brutal honesty, so please do not take any of this personally.

    Annabeth sounds like a Southern name, specifically one for a poorly educated, "barefoot and pregnant" stereotype. It doesn't have any class, and frankly, it's not cultured. Annabelle is much more refined, and if you're looking for a sweeter variant, Annabella & Amabel are both great options.

    Jubilee is absolutely the worst name on your list. I get the meaning, and I understand you wanting a virtue name, but Jubilee? That sounds like the name of a bad middle school dance theme. Some better virtue names are Grace, Chastity, Amity & Faith.

    Carlotta is unappealing. It sounds like "Cara's got a lot of [insert tease word here]." Not only does it look unattractive on paper, it also sounds unattractive when said aloud. Consider Clara, Charlot, Charlotte or Alouetta.

    Dulcinea is terrible. Dulce is Spanish for "candy," which is a name I associate with low-class brothel dwellers. Dulcinea isn't any better, just a fanciful version of the same unappealing name. Daisy isn't a bad name, I guess it has a certain charm to it. If you'd like a full name for Daisy, consider Delyth. I know they don't have much in common, but neither do Dulcinea & Daisy.

    Josie is a charming little nickname that I love the sound of. Sassy and sweet, it hits that right balance between old-world charm and modern-day class. I really love it because it will age seamlessly. However, I'd encourage Josephine, Josefina or Joslyn as full names.

    Lola I love. It's got a very mysterious aura to it, and it's had me hooked since the first day I heard it. I love how sassy and fun the name is, and that wonderful Latin flair that instantly comes to mind when I hear it. I feel like it's the daring route to the more traditional Leila and Lila.

    Tamar is really unappealing. It's not feminine to me at all. There's really nothing to say other than "no."

    Indira isn't too bad. Other than the obvious association with Indira Gandhi, the name is fairly fresh and exotic. She can go by "Indie," as well, which I think it super cute. India's my favorite variant.

    Elisabeth is okay. I just never understood why we had to go and change the "z" to an "s," when the original letter did the job. I'd understand if it was a cultural reason (like why I'm spelling Anya with a "J"), but if it's just "because," then it's unnecessary.

    Lorelei is very mysterious and sultry. I love the name. I love the flair, the class, and the exotic nature of it. It's like Lauren x100. My only qualm is the very heated romance author with the same name. If your daughter ever picked up Lorelei James' books, she might blush a little...or a lot.

    Merida is a lovely name that I just recently fell in love with. I love how soft the sound is and how reminiscent it is of Ireland/England. Really a beautiful and noble name in my opinion, and one I'd love to see on a little girl. It'll age well.

    Alice is old and worn and I don't see its appeal. I know I might be the only berry who thinks that, but I honestly cannot see why everyone loves it so. It's a fine and sturdy name, and I'm not arguing against it, but I just think it needs a bit of a face-lift. What about Alia or Aliana?

    Mila is adorable and dripping in honey. A very, very sweet choice for a very sweet little girl. My only issue with it is how incredibly simple and dull it is. Milena with the nickname "Mila" is a lot stronger and more substantial.

    Arabella is a name I like ever since Ivanka Trump used it. I think it's a cool spin on Isabella and a gem from the past. There's something very strong about this name, even though it's extremely feminine.

    Ava, although popular, has a certain appeal. It's soft yet strong, sweet yet modern and playful. I do like it, but not as much as I like some of its variants. Consider Avia, Avis and Mavis.

    Finley is a boy's name.

    Harley is a boy's name.

    Carlie is not my cup of tea. It has always looked made up to me, and I absolutely loathe that the first syllable is "car."

    Claire is boring and worn. It's not attractive anymore. Clara, however, is very modern and incredibly trendy and a wonderful pick. Some other great "C" names are Chloe, Clio & Clementine.
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    Annabeth - Quite nice... I know a Norwegian Annebeth which is pronounced the same... she's in her mid 50s though. I see the appeal.
    Jubilee - I would guess you were some sort of crazy royalist.
    Carlotta - I sort of love this. Lotta is a beautiful nn too.
    Dulcinea nn Daisy - I like Daisy, but on it's own. Dulcinea is... pretty I guess, but Dulcie alone is better imo.
    Josie - Eh, it's okay. It seems entirely ageless which I like.
    Lola - Lovely.
    Tamar - what?
    Indira - So lovely, but weird on a non-Indian child.
    Elisabeth - Dull.
    Lorelei - Pretty.
    Merida - Eh, too Disney. I like Nerida.
    Alice - Pretty but overused in the UK
    Mila - Dislike... it's kind of slimy.
    Arabella - LOVE Arabella. It's absolutely gorgeous.
    Ava - Eh, it's pretty.
    Finley - Absolutely no.
    Harley - Absolutely no.
    Carlie - no. I do secretly like Kirsty and Chrissy a lot though.
    Claire - Uh, I've never found this appealing. I think it's one of those 'classic' names that only seems to have taken off in the US. It's a middle aged woman here.

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    I write what I do and don;t like and why down below:

    Annabeth --No, I prefer belle or bella attached instead of beth. Sounds much pretty and less dowdy

    Jubilee-- I've tried to like it but can't to much of an anniversary reminder
    Carlotta-- I love it
    Dulcinea nn Daisy-- REALLY love this, its meaning is sweet, and all children are sweet and innocent

    Josie-- Josie and the Pussy cats, and pussy isn't a good connotation

    Lola- love fits in with lila, volo, viola, milo ect on the playground
    Tamar--- I think biblical and strong, so tone it down with a frilly mn and ground it, it would be lovely

    Indira--I think this one could come across as kre8tif spelling, but I'm drawn to it, Rose or Rosamund would be a good mn, give it some substance and authenticates it

    Elisabeth--- common common common, liven it up with Lissette, Elisabette, or Elisabetta, all variants but add a bit more pizaz to the name. If you like it the way you wrote it then put the common in the mn position. This way it will off stability and ground some of your other more spunky-exotic-wild name choices.

    Lorelei-- So-so, reminds of the tv show gilmore girls

    Merida-- LOVE, Merida Elisabeth/Elisabette would be a pretty combo

    Alice-- I'm warming up on this name but I don't care for the morbid-gothic Alice and wonderland vibe that has been hyping up among the younger generation

    Mila-- great nn option but it seem too short for a real name
    Arabella-- LOVE LOVE, beautiful, refined, established, and regal sounding

    Ava-- Glamour girl hollywood, Ava Gardenier- love it, familiar but exotic, especially if your pronouncing it A-va

    Finley-- Boy or a girl? TOOO Masculine for me IMO
    Harley--- Boy or a girl? TOOO Masculine for me IMO
    Carlie --- I think of the hood or jersey shoreish, and reminds me of Carlie off of general Hospital

    Claire-- Dignified, Polished and Fusty

    Possible Combos

    Annabeth Rachel-- No too boring, too typical, and their are possible thousands of little girls with this specific name combo, but if that doesn't bother you, then go for it.

    Jubilee Harper--- TOO unisex, In a job-I'm not for sure if I am going to hire a boy or a girl, something to considered. Also, the combo does nothing for me, its bland

    Carlotta Pearl-- Simple but its perfect, not to much and not too little

    Dulcinea Quinn nn Daisy-- I'm not found of quinn, but it balances out Dulcinea, so it does work.

    Josie Danielle- NOPE- I can't explain but NOPE

    Lola Soleil--- NOPE-I think of a fortune telling lady, remove soleil and replace it with Marie or Aurelia, it just beautifies the name

    Merida Tamar--- too much

    Indira Clementine---nope, doesn't mesh

    Elisabeth Rose nn Elsa-- Nope, thousand and thousands have this combo. Boring. Predictable. Indira Rose would be better.
    Lorelei Athena nn Rory-- it seems cut off or incomplete
    Alice Mary-- doesn't flow well at all,its two on two syllables. Try Alice Dulcinea flows better

    Claire Evangeline-- good combo

    I hope this helps

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    Annabeth - Adore this. (Yes, I read Percy Jackson).
    Jubilee - Nnnnnoope. You mean like diamond jubilee? No, just no.
    Carlotta - After many many Charlottes, Carlotta sounds fresh. I like it.
    Dulcinea nn Daisy - Love!
    Josie - Nicknamey.
    Lola - Nms.
    Tamar - Okay.
    Indira - Nice.
    Elisabeth - Very nice. This is my ex-roommate name and at first, I misspelled it with a 'z'. I fell in love with this spelling soon after.
    Lorelei - Okay.
    Merida - Very Brave.
    Alice - Classic. You can't go wrong with classic.
    Mila - Love.
    Arabella - Nice, but not my favourite Bella.
    Ava - Pretty but popular.
    Finley - Boy's.
    Harley - Like the motorcycle? Dislike.
    Carlie - I like this, but I think I prefer Carly.
    Claire - Pretty.
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