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    I grew up with a Zeke ( a nn for isaac) it rhymed with beak :-)

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    Same way I'd pronounce it.

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    As Zeke is derived from Ezekiel (i-ZEE-kyəl or i-ZEE-kee-əl) I would assume that most people would pronounce it like the name it’s derived from. (ZEEK).

    I love Zane and Zeke (though I’d probably go with Ezekiel nn Zeke).
    Other names that I think might work:
    Cyrus, Ryder, Bryce, Hayes, Eoin, Gavin, Rafe, Bram, Abel, Harvey (maybe a little dorky but a cool surfer could totally rock this name), and Ender
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    I pronounce it Zeek.
    @lexiem Rafe, Ender, and Bram are awesome suggestions!
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    Cael, Chace, Gannon, Mercer, Reed, Talon and Sayer all give me the boho California surfer vibe. I actually first heard Gannon on Venice Beach. One of the ladies working in had a little boy called Gannon. I thought it was amazing

    On your list I really like Tai and Marley. I actually wanted to suggest Ty and Kai at first.

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