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    I'm torn between three names

    Hello! I am an extremely indecisive person to begin with and this baby naming process has taken over my life. My favorite name is Finley Elizabeth-yes, I realize it's a predominately male name in other countries, but I find it really girlie and adorable. Plus, I love the idea of calling her Finn. Just my personal opinion. I also love the name Emme Elizabeth (Emmy), but am worried about it being to "cutesy" for an adult. I then started looking for more names because I wanted more to choose from and found Emilia. I told my husband about this one and he loves it. I'm not in love with Emilia, and am also worried about pronunciation issues with Emilia. We would also never call her Emilia; she would go by Emme. I'm also not set in stone with Elizabeth as a middle name, so any middle name suggestions would be great! Thank you so much!

    1. Finley Elizabeth (My favorite)
    2. Emme Elizabeth
    3. Emilia Elizabeth nn Emme (Husband's favorite)

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    My favorite is Emilia Elizabeth. I wonder though if you would like Fiona Elizabeth? You could call her Finn if you wanted too, she's sorta frilly, like Emilia, but doesn't have the pronunciation issues. Now that I think about it I really like the idea of Fiona nn Finn. . .
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    My favorite is Emilia, but I don't think it goes well with Elizabeth. Maybe Emilia Rose, Emilia Pearl or Emilia Wren?
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    I think that Emme is a little too cutesy for an adult. What about Emmeline? I adore Finley, though. What if you did two middle names? I think Elizabeth is a great, timeless middle name.

    Here are some middle names for Finley:

    Finley Clara
    Finley Isabelle
    Finley Evangeline
    Finley Adelaide
    Finley Marguerite
    Finley Adele
    Finley Caroline
    Finley Emmeline
    Finley Emilia

    Here are some other names with Emme as a nm:


    Or you could even use any name that starts with an M and call her Em or Emme.

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    I think Emilia is a name that would serve a female well in all stages of her life so that's the name I choose.
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