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    Names similar to these? Trying to find the right middle name for Noelle...

    After my appointment this week for my fertility and PCOS issues, I'm feeling more hopeful than ever about finally having a baby by next year (or early 2016). Sometimes I really hope it's a boy because we are 100% set and in love with our boy name and it hasn't changed for years.

    I don't feel the same way about our girl name. My fiance's favorite name is Noelle and I love it too so I let him have his way on that one. I'm perfectly happy with Noelle. I just can't find a combo that feels right or set in stone like our boy combo.

    I really like girl names that feel whimsical, ethereal, flowy with a hint of frilly. You can see the names in my signature for some examples of what I like.

    Right now our front runner for Noelle is Ginevra (jih-nehv-ruh). I do love this but I'm not sure it's the one yet. I'm looking for names similar to Ginevra, Seraphina, Seraphine, Arabelle, Arabella, Juniper, Elowen, Willow, etc. Something to give it that flowy and whimsical feel. Not something boring.

    Any ideas? How do you feel about Noelle Ginevra? Last name is Huntley essentially with the t being a different letter.
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