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    I personally like Noelle Geneva and Noelle Genevieve better than Ginevra, though I do think Ginevra is cute, it just feels a bit cumbersome to me.

    Noelle Justine
    Noelle Verbena
    Noelle Violane

    It seems to work best with middles where the emphasis is on the 2nd or 3rd syllable.
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    Thank you everyone! I am still leaning towards Noelle Ginevra. I also really like Noelle Seraphina/Seraphine but I really love Seraphina with Willow. However, that wouldn't stop me since who knows if I'd even ever have a 2nd daughter. Names are hard!

    I am liking:
    Noelle Waverly (However I can't use this because our last name ends in -ley)
    Noelle Callista (This is my brother's favorite girl name that I know he'd like to use if he ever has a daughter so I don't wanna steal his name)
    Noelle Aurelia (FI doesn't like it though)

    I think I like Noelle Geneva and Noelle Genevieve but I'm always on the fence about those 2 names for some reason.

    Open to more suggestions
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