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    Names from The Legend of Zelda Series

    Many names from The Legend of Zelda series are pretty far out there, but they can be beautiful, unique, and usable. Heres a list of my favorite names from the Zelda series.

    Zelda (How could I leave this off the list?)
    Zora (A race of water beings)
    Marin(Links Awakening)
    Saria(Ocarina of Time)
    Veran(Oracle of Ages)
    Nayru(Oracle of Ages)
    Tetra(Incarnation of Zelda)
    Aryll(Wind Waker)
    Medli(Wind Waker)
    Hilda(Princess from Link Between Worlds)
    Irene(Link Between Worlds)

    Ralph(Oracle of Ages)
    Ganon(One of the main antagonist of the series)
    Onox(Antagonist of Oracle of Seasons)
    Dimitri(Animal friend of Link)
    Komali(Wind Waker)
    Niko(Wind Waker)
    Goron(A race of rock being)
    Zant(A bit out there, but would work for a middle name)
    Byrne(Spirit Tracks)
    Embrose(A twist on Ambrose? A name for a boy in the game, I think it would better suit a girl)
    Oren(Female in the game, but I prefer it as a boys name)

    My personal favorites are Hilda and Oren.

    Did I miss any that should be on this list? Would you use any of these?

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    My guilty pleasure would have to be the name Link for a boy. As for my favourite names from your list, I like Zelda, Saria and Zora for girls and Niko for boys- all of which I would use

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    I would love to have a girl named Zelda!! It was actually very popular in the 1920's too c: but Malon was the farmer's daughter from Lon Lon Ranch in Ocarina of Time!! And I think Romani and Cremia were the other girls from Majora's Mask!! And Anju was Cremia's friend?? The one who gets married in the end credits!! That's all about I remember but I love this list!!!

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    I personally love the name Kafei from Ocarina of Time.

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    This makes Irene even more perfect if we have a girl. We picked it to honor my grandmother, but the Legend of Zelda is his favorite video game series.

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