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    How to compromise with my DH? I'm SO frustrated!

    I'm almost 24 weeks pregnant with my second son. My first little guys name is Lincoln Joshua. Last time, it was really easy to find a name but my husband and I have found no middle ground when it comes to baby names this time around.

    I have two names I've been in love with for years, Lucius and Merril. My husband has nixed Lucius, Lucien, Lucas or even Luke. The name Merril he isn't really fond of either.

    I've been doing all the looking and making of lists, he's been nixing about 99% of everything I've chosen. In addition to that, he can't even give me a few names he even likes so I can have a base to work with.

    We did almost choose a name, Noah, but I just can't use a biblical name as a first. Plus, to make it worse, I found out that its in the top 10 most popular names list.

    I've searched over every list on this website (all except the ones only for girls) and I can't find a single name we can both agree on.

    I don't know how to get him to compromise with me and I don't know how to compromise with him so we can get our little guy a name.

    How did you compromise with your partner so you could both be satisfied with a name that's not necessarily one of our favorites?

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    That is not fair for him to veto all your choices without coming up with any of his own. It is up to him to find a name he loves, not you. Tell him the baby's name will be Lucias or Merrill unless he can find options that he likes better. Then you can compare lists and try to come up with a compromise. Someone posted this website the other day that could be helpful once he starts coming up with some choices:

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