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    Unsure about how this word name would be received

    Hey Berries! It's my first time posting my own thread in the forums!

    Anyway, after getting my email today from nameberry, I somehow found my way to the name Alouetta. I already knew I kind of liked Alouette and enjoyed the added syllable, but I still wasn't loving it. I thought about consonants that could be added before the A and got to Silhouette. I'm really intrigued by this as a first name for a girl, but I wanted to hear what others of you think.

    To me it is mysterious and feminine; it kind of reminds me of a violin with all the right curves and a soft flow. I can't imagine my BF ever going for it, but that doesn't mean I can't consider it and add it to my GP list!

    So, what do you think of Silhouette as a name?

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    I think it's really goofy as a name, to be honest.

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    As far as obscure word names go, you could do much worse than Silhouette. It could certainly work as a middle name, but I really can't picture it as a first. Also you risk people shortening it to 'Silly'.

    I much prefer Alouette / Alouetta - beautiful names.
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    Honestly I agree with the pp. Although i'am a person who LOVE word names, I think Silhouette is way to weird. Sorry.
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    I love word names but cannot picture Silhouette as a name, not even a middle name. I'm sorry.

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