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    Daughter 1:
    FN - Which of these movies are you most looking forward to seeing?
    Guardians of the Galaxy - Zada, Brina, or Kira
    Fifty Shades of Grey - Brandi, Roxanne, or Nicolette
    Maze Runner - Bella, Hazel, or Primrose
    Big Hero 6 - Satsuki, Arisa, or Kagome
    The Hundred Foot Journey - Lucienne, Priya, or Helen
    None of these - Charlotte, Sarah, or Emily

    MN - Which name is your favorite?
    Esther - Ruth, Mary, or Rachel
    Vivian - Olivia, Violet, or Evelyn
    Juliet - Ophelia, Hermia, or Viola
    Lily - Rose, Daisy, or Zinnia
    Hadley - Morgan, Ainsley, or Sawyer

    Son 1:

    FN - Which country would you most like to visit?
    England - Alastair, Benedict, or Liam
    India - Kiran, Raj, or Hasan
    Japan - Daiki, Tobio, or Shota
    Sweden - Soren, Anders, Leif
    Mexico - Juan, Miguel, or Diego

    MN - Which actor do you find most attractive?
    Brad Pitt - Benjamin, Tyler, or Gerry
    Benedict Cumberbatch - Julian, Ford, or Jamie
    Aaron Taylor-Johnson - Owen, Dave, or Ford
    Channing Tatum - Cale, Mike, or Duke
    Idris Elba - Nelson, Luther, or Mark
    None - Samuel, Caleb, or Nicholas

    Daughter 2:

    FN- Which young actress is your favorite?
    Emma Stone - Gwen, Olive, or Natalie
    Emma Watson - Hermione, Sam, or Lucy
    Lupita Nyong'o - Angela, Patsey, or Ayira
    Jennifer Lawrence - Rosalyn, Tiffany, or Norah
    Elle Fanning - Aurora, Winnie, or Alice
    None - Lydia, Ellen, or Maisie

    MN- Which magazine is your favorite?
    People - Jennifer, Khloe, or Taylor
    Sports Illustrated - Kate, Serena, or Seimone
    Vogue - Shantell, Mary-Kate, or Lily
    Rolling Stone - Lana, Dolly, or Bonnie
    Seventeen - Katy, Ann, or Demi
    Other/None - Rebecca, Avery, or Michelle

    Son 2:

    FN - Which name do you like best?
    Asher - Cooper, Sawyer, or Jasper
    Gideon - Abraham, Ezra, or Jonah
    Matthew - Lucas, Thomas, or James
    Blake - Clarke, Brandt, or Drake
    Hayden - Brayden, Jayden, or Cayden

    MN - Who are you closest to?
    Mom - Samuel, George, or Alexander
    Sibling - Clay, Gage, or Riley
    Dad - David, Elden, or Vern
    Best friend - Shane, Andrew, or Kellen
    Spouse - Graeme, Henry, or William
    Pet - Elliot, Remington, or Todd
    Child - Aaron, Eli, or Logan
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