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    All I can think of is "I love scotch, scotchy scotch scotch..."
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    Surely you must be kidding. I'm pretty sure naming a child "Scotch" would be considered child abuse.
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    Okay, unpopular opinion here - but I think it's really sweet . . . as a nickname. Perhaps you could use it as a family nickname for Scotia? (prn skoh-sha). It's an established name, plus, it won't make people think of alcohol when they hear what you named your daughter.
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    I met a little girl named Scotland Rose, and I thought that was really spunky and pretty! You could use Scotch as a family nn for that....maybe?

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    You're such a dear Claire. Thank you for your thoughtful response. We weren't expecting such a visceral reaction in here...eek! And I love the suggestion for our daughter's first name, so feminine and lovely. Thanks again

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