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    Lyra + Aurelia = Lyrelia, Laurelia? WDYT?

    Is this some lame Renesmee stunt or could this be usable?
    I'm so torn between Lyra and Aurelia, and have started to consider a hybrid.

    Kill it with fire or start finding middles?

    As tasteless as Shaniqua and Uneek or charmingly different and yet familiar enough to be accepted into law school?

    Pros- likeable, rare
    Con- short and stubby next to the equally short and stubby last name. Pronounced Leera in French.

    Pro- classy, rare, in French it's Au-rrel-ee-ah (rolled r)
    Con- English it's O-rail-ee-ah and the nn Aurélie is pronounced as ORALLY by my English family.

    Laurelia - Similar to Lorelei which was considered then dismissed.
    L'Aurelia - looks like L'oreal…

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    I have to say no - it reminds me a lot of Renesmee. They don't blend smoothly like Pollyanna or Marianne do, they seem more awkward and difficult to say. Spellings would definitely be an issue too.

    Going by your signature, Aurelia Althea is waaaaay too similar for me, I love Lyra Anastasia though.

    If you do go for a hybrid - I think Laurelia is the easiest/safest one to get away with.

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    I think Laurelia is beautiful. It's definitely not as awkward as Renesmee.

    Would your english family catch on to pronunciation issues with Aurelia if you taught them how to say it?

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    Laurelia is quite lovely, though I do prefer both Lyra and Aurelia individually. Have you considered Laurel?
    If you do want to blend, go for Laurelia - it's my favourite out of all your Lyra/Aurelia hybrids, and I can imagine a Laurelia as a barrister, scientist, journalist, or any number of professions.
    I think that as Amelia rises in popularity, Aurelia may as well, and so perhaps people will become more familiar with the pronunciation?
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    Laurelia or Elyra / Alyra work best for me. Both have a familiar enough sound that they don't come across as completely made up -- which is a good thing for an invented name!

    Laurelia could be spelled Lorelia as well, though at a glance might be taken as Lorelei. I find Aurelia to be a pretty but difficult to pronounce name, as it can be hard for people to get that initial "au" combination right. I imagine this might be especially true for small children. The more Laura focused beginning makes this easier for sure while still giving you what you want overall.

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