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    First impressions on Livienne

    What are your first impressions on livienne?
    I'm having a hard time picturing it on a person, are they young, old, well educated or a bit tarty.
    :-) thank you!

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    I prefer Olivia or Vivienne to Livienne - Livienne sounds a bit too 'smooshed' for my tastes. I imagine a Livienne to be a young girl with a carefree, at times reckless, attitude to life.
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    I've never heard this name, and after letting it settle in I think it sounds awkward still and I'm having a hard time envisioning anyone with this name. I agree with the 'smooshed' sound comment above.

    Livia, Lavinia / Livinia or Livana are other "Liv" names that are also quite pretty, or just Liv! If it's the ending you're drawn to, Lucienne is quite nice as well.

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    Livienne has pretty sounds, but I agree with the "smooshed" sound, which makes it sound like it's trying too hard to be elegant. I much prefer Livia or Liviana. I picture a Livienne as being a rich middle-aged woman who doesn't like children.

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    Please don't use it.

    It sounds like a joke name or something... like some satirical name.
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