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    Dahlia is gorgeous. I am ignorant of Hebrew names, but one I've come across and love is Jora.

    Of your options listed above, my favorites are Dahlia & Rafaela, Dahlia & Zara, and Dahlia & Leora. I get a little tripped up saying Dahlia & Eliora together.

    You could also spell Zara 'Zahra'? Similar to Dahlia...whether that would be nice or too matchy, I don't know....
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    Jora is really pretty! Though I just looked it up since I had never heard of it, and the Hebrew name is actually Yoreh, which is not nearly as nice... :/

    You might have a point about Dahlia and Eliora. For sure they are too tough to say together to be a FN and MN, I'm undecided about whether that matters SO much for sibling names....

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    [QUOTE=andmd23;2250776]Ooh, I might like Eliora/Eleora even better than Liora/Leora! (sylvia82, I think both are pretty, but Maya is too common and my mom's name is Susan!)

    So options right now could be:
    Dahlia and Leora (Liora)
    Dahlia and Eleora (Eliora)
    Dahlia and Rafaela
    Dahlia and Zehava
    Dahlia and Zara

    My favourite is Rafaela. I love the sound of them together; Dahlia and Rafaela

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    What about Shoshana? It's Hebrew, got a flower name meaning (like big sister Dahlia) and has a cute nickname (Shoshi!). Dahlia and Shoshana!
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    Dahlia and Leora (Liora) - love them together, Leora / Liora is very beautiful and uncommon, I think I love this the most as a sister to Dahlia
    Dahlia and Eleora (Eliora) - Eleora reminds me very much of Eleonora, so I feel "just" Elora is uncomplete
    Dahlia and Rafaela - Rafaela feels very masculine to me since the Rafael part is so present, so not a huge fan
    Dahlia and Zehava - Dahlia is a very english looking and sounding name, whilst Zehava "screams" Hebrew to me (not in a bad way, to me it just seems like a very different style)
    Dahlia and Zara - I like them together, Zara does remind me of the clothing store but if I heard in on a person my association would quickly switch

    Another Hebrew Z-name is Ziva, any thoughts on that one?

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