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    ^ I second what ad10 says

    For the record. I only know boy Emersons and Emerys (and the name Emery is 100000% tied to the film Rose Red for me, and just gives me creepy shivers when I hear it).

    Ashley, Darcy, and Lynn are all names that were boy names originally, so naming your kid Ashley isn't giving a boy a girl's name. It's giving a boy a boy's name that was taken over by girls. If you wouldn't dream of naming a boy Isabel, then I would suggest you reconsider why you're willing to name a girl Emerson. While it might not be your view, society in general views femininity as weak and inferior, and this is why that male names on girls are seen as "so cute/spunky/fun"!! while feminine names (or even unisex names) on boys are snickered at, and those parents who do choose to bestow them are often given snide comments. It might not be what you want or what you endorse, but if you're against that societal attitude, you might want to reconsider how your taste in names supports that same attitude.

    That seems harsh/blunt, and it isn't directed at you, just at namers in general. But if you don't want to see a boy named Emerson/Ashley/Mackenzie bullied because he "has a girl's name," maybe stop stealing the boy names and giving them to girls. And if you want girls to be seen as equal and not inferior, don't reinforce the idea that masculine is superior by giving them masculine names.

    It bothers me when people say things like "Well boys will be made fun of if they're given girl names, but girls aren't made fun of so it's ok for girls" because these two points are related. Boys are made fun of for being given girl names BECAUSE girls aren't made fun of for being given boy names; Because masculinity is viewed as superior and femininity is viewed as weak and inferior. It drives me nuts when people act like those points aren't directly related to each other. It's not just a random coincidence.

    And to the pp, George Eliot wrote under the name George Eliot because she lived in a time where women writers weren't taken seriously; She didn't adopt a man's name to be fresh or fun, she did it because women writers were considered frivolous and silly at best, and she wanted her writing to be taken seriously, and the only way she could do that was under a false name. Because of that, I don't think it would exactly honor her contribution to literature to name a girl Eliot; if you love her writing and desperately want to honor her, I think it would be much more appropriate to use her real name: Mary Ann Evans.
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    ^exactly 100% how I see it, you just expressed it much better than I could ever do haha. I must add on that names such as McKenzie or MadiSON etc on girls drive me nuts because Mac or Mc means "son of" and names ending in -son (except Allison) denote "son of" so why name your daughter a name meaning son? I don't know ha. I can't help but give my opinion on this topic
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    Boy names on girls is one of my biggest pet peeves for baby names. It's tied for first with made-up names and ridiculous spellings. When there are countless names that are beautiful and feminine and actually meant for girls, why would you limit yourself to following a trend and choosing a masculine name? It's something I'll never understand. There are SO many girl names. Why take from the boys?
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    I hate hate hate boys names or unisex names or even 'girl names that used to be boy names' for girls. And I agree with ad10 and ameliawilliams, this is not just a matter of taste it's also a matter of feminism. Of course everyone will do what they wanna do, but you wanted opinions. I just HATE it.

    And maybe you are ok with being named Matt, but your child might not be. I sure as hell wound't wanna be named anything that ends with -son for example. Why in the world I would want my name to mean 'son of __'? I wouldn't want any other boys names too, even with an agender meaning. The only thing I can stand is proper girl names with masculine nns, ie Charlotte nn Charlie.

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    Exactly what the last few posters have said! (Though the exception to the -son rule is Alison.) I just don't see the appeal. I had little girls (twins) names Stanley and Zachary (and in fairness they had a little brother named Layla.) absolutely horrible for those kids!! The names can't even be shortened into something slightly feminine.
    Those crazy examples aside, even names that are currently "gender ambiguous" such as Jordan and Riley get under my skin.
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