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Thread: Flower Names

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    Flower Names

    I seem to have a thing for flower names, and I'm looking for some fresh ideas, I know there's lots of lists out there, but I don't know what ones could work as names (Seaflower appeared as a name once...but I can't imagine a little child being called Seaflower, or seeing Seaflower on a class attendance sheet).

    The only one I dislike is Rose, as it's too plain, but I do have a thing for 'Rose' names - Rosetta, Rosamund, etc. so suggestions for them would be great too!

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    Rosario, Rosalyn, Rosaline either line or lean ending

    Rosary, Rosemarie....I tend to like the Marie at the end instead of Mary, it changed it more than I thought it would

    Rosaria, Roseanne, Rosanna, and Rosette, or Rosetta

    Enough roses....
    Juniper, Jade, Iris, Hyacinth, and Marigold

    Calla, Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Begonia

    Magnolia, Myrtle, Violet, Lily, and Oleander

    Daisy, Hibiscus, Lilac, Zinnia, Dahlia, and Azaelia

    Rosabel, Rosabeth, and to be honest, I'm not sure if those are names.

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    Dahlia is one of my favourite flower names! Such sass and femininity.
    Amaryllis is lovely and intriguing, Iris is simple and strong, and Lilac is unexpected.
    Bryony is another one of my favourites! I fell in love with it when I read Atonement.

    ETA: And how could I forget Magnolia. One of my top names at the moment, it has a familiar sound that is quite elegant, but it still has spunk and character.
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    I have a huge, huge thing for flower names so I apologize if this post seems long or overblown.

    My favourites include:
    Azalea, Acacia, Amarantha
    Betony, Bryony, Briar
    Cassia, Cleome, Clary
    Fern, Felicia - Felicia is a kind of blue marguerite.
    Iris, Ivy, Ixora
    Jonquil, Jessamine
    Lily, Lilac, Liatris
    Marguerite, Marigold, & Magnolia
    Rosemary, Rimona - I think of Rosemary as separate from Rose...? More blue herbal. Rimona is
    Viola, Violet, Veronica
    Zinnia, Zephirine - Zephirine is cheating, but it's a variety of thornless rose of which I am fond.

    Names with "rose" in them: My favourites are Rosamund and Rosalba. And Rosemary but I count it separate.

    I didn't know if you'd count translated florals but if you do I'm fond of Cerise, Tamar, Jacinta, Shoshana, Nerida, Rhoswen, Lilwen, Gwenonwy, Ketzia, Rimona, Ione...? That runs the gamut of like six languages though.

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