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    How do you feel about Emmerich?

    I'm very smitten with this name right now. I don't really care for Emery because I find the strong "ee" sound at the end too feminine for a boy and although I love Emerson, it's become more popular than I would like. My only concern would be that it might be hard distinguishing which name is the first name and which name is the actual surname if both are written down together. Our surname is two syllables and ends in "man." Would this name be usable? I know some people have negative opinions about surnames as first names, though that doesn't bother me too much.
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    I like it a lot, actually. Although, I can see a lot of people spelling it Emmerick/Emmerik/Emmeric/Emrick from just hearing it out loud. But, I like the Emmerich spelling the best (I'm guessing it's the original spelling). Just something to think about though, but I like the name for sure. <3

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    Emmerich is very handsome! I had never heard of it until your post, I think it would be a nice name for a boy. It sounds very strong to me.

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    I am not overly fond of "em-" names for boys, simply because I have such a love for Emma that I have a heard time seeing them as masculine, though I know they can be. Emmerich is a strong name, definitely a solid choice. It fits in with the quirkier Kendrick/Hedrick trend that is starting to take off right now.

    I don't think it would cause him too many issues
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    I have never heard the name Emmerich used (first or last). I think it is fantastic! It is decidedly masculine and has sounds that are similar enough to common first names that I don’t think it will be confused as a surname. Two thumbs up from me!

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