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    Do you see Alistair as .....

    Do you see Alistair as a heavy name for a child?

    It is our #1 boys name atm, but we think we might have the same problem with Alistair as we had with our older son, that it's too heavy for him and difficult to say when he's young.

    I might just be overreacting since Llewellyn is much more complicated for a toddler that Alistair, but I still worry about it.

    What do you think?
    Keep Alistair or pick a lighter name like Jacob (our #2)?

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    Stick with Alistair. It's not that heavy- I really like it And if Llewellyn is managing, I'm sure an Alistair could (especially with the simpler Al and Ali as nickname options). I think it sounds better with your other two kids anyway

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    I also think you should keep Alistair. It goes so much better with Llewellyn and Imogen than Jacob does.
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    I know a 4 year old named Alistair and he doesn't seem to have any issues

    It's a great name. You could always use Jacob as a middle.
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    As other berries have said, not at all. I like it with Imogen and Llewellyn.

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