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    Top 20 (England & Wales) Your views.

    I posted a similar thread in the Girls forum.

    What are your views on these names, discounting popularity?

    1 Harry
    2 Oliver
    3 Jack
    4 Charlie
    5 Jacob
    6 Thomas
    7 Alfie
    8 Riley
    9 William
    10 James
    11 Joshua
    12 George
    13 Ethan
    14 Noah
    15 Samuel
    16 Daniel
    17 Oscar
    18 Max
    19 Muhammad
    20 Leo

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    1 Harry - this name just doesn't work in North America where its pronounced "hairy".
    2 Oliver - This name still retains its British sophistication. Perhaps that's why this Anglophile finds it so appealing!
    3 Jack - so spunk for a boy and really cool for a man! It has it all!
    4 Charlie - I should say something like "only as a nickname" but Charlie just feels so friendly and approachable that I can't resist it. Jack and Charlie would be a gorgeous brother duo.
    5 Jacob - My great love for Jake spreads all the way to the longer version of the name.
    6 Thomas - Classic, traditional and timeless. It's trend proof so it never goes out of style.
    7 Alfie - much too childish for a grown man. The film character wasn't that great either.
    8 Riley - better on a boy than girl
    9 William - Never a favourite of mine
    10 James - A fine name but not a fave
    11 Joshua - I had a huge crush on a TV character named Joshua when I was a girl so I guess somethings don't change over time!
    12 George - a fine name but not a fave
    13 Ethan - strong and classic
    14 Noah - A great name that ages well from spunky childhood to maturity
    15 Samuel - classic Biblical boys name
    16 Daniel - Nothing wrong with this Biblical name but it just lacks the appeal of Samuel for some reason.
    17 Oscar - I read Oscar Wilde as a child so I love this one!
    18 Max - OK but I like longer versions like Maxwell or Maximilian.
    19 Muhammad - I'm not Muslim so this choice would be strange for me.
    20 Leo - majestic and inspiring
    All the best,

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    I love Leo, Jacob and George. Leo is a long held love of mine.
    Alfie should be Alfred nn Alfie imo.
    Same for Charlie/Charles.
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    I'll start off by saying I'm not massively into nickname names as given names

    1 Harry - probably my one exception to the NN rule, as its a well established name in it's own right. I also adore cheeky Prince Harry. I can't used unfortunately as it would be too similar to my nephew Henry.
    2 Oliver - I think this name works well on children and adults alike. A good choice.
    3 Jack - Now technically Jack is a NN for John. But I do like this. It has a laid back vibe.
    4 Charlie - Cute on a baby, but not suitable for an adult man. Prefer Charles.
    5 Jacob - I love this name!
    6 Thomas - Apart from it being my ex's name, I do quite like it.
    7 Alfie - see Charlie. Prefer an Alfred any day.
    8 Riley - I don't like this, can't put my finger on why. I think its because of the word 'Rile'. It riles me. ha.
    9 William - Classic. Okay.
    10 James - A family name for both me and my husband, we may well use it.
    11 Joshua - I love J names, but the name sounds a bit clumsy to me when spoken.
    12 George - My nephew's name. He came along just before Prince George, my sister in law was a little miffed when the royal baby was born. I love the name.
    13 Ethan - I do really like this, although I know its an established name with history etc, it just feels a little more modern but still solid and traditional.
    14 Noah - I don't like this. Makes me think of the ark.
    15 Samuel - A nice name, but I don't like Sam, and undoubtedly this would end up being what most people refer to him as.
    16 Daniel - My brothers name. I like it. He gets Danny a lot, but I don't mind.
    17 Oscar - Now this is cute. Although my MIL does have a dog called Ozzy :S
    18 Max - I like this, but again prefer a longer form like Maxwell.
    19 Muhammad - Popular with people of Muslim heritage for obvious reasons, so I wouldn't personally use it as I'm from a Christian background and people may see it as offensive. We have an athlete called Mo Farrah (short for Mohamed) and I like it on him.
    20 Leo - I love this. Getting to love a lot of short three letter boys names. I'm a massive fan of Rex.

    ♡ Sophie Isabel Mary 11/10/2016 ♡

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    1 Harry - I like Harry better in a British accent than an American one! I prefer it as a nickname, but nephew Henry goes by Hank which I like a touch more.
    2 Oliver - I really like Oliver, but it's one of those names that feels less "special" now that it's popular
    3 Jack - My nephew, named after my grandpa, is a Jack. It's popular but I can't hate.
    4 Charlie - Another nephew is a Charlie (spelled differently), not Charles, so I can't hate this either! I do prefer Charles as a given name, myself.
    5 Jacob - Yawwn.
    6 Thomas - I LOVE Thomas but absolutely can't use it. Shame.
    7 Alfie - So cute - but I like Alfred so much that just Alfie is sort of a letdown.
    8 Riley - I had no idea this was so popular as a boy name in England/Wales! It feels like a "kid name" to me, though, not a man's name.
    9 William - OK
    10 James - I feel like every third baby boy I know is named James. The other two have James as their middle names.
    11 Joshua - Joshua always feels like it belongs in the 90s to me.
    12 George - one of my favorites, if not my very favorite, on the boy list!
    13 Ethan - OK
    14 Noah - OK
    15 Samuel - Yes, I really do like Samuel!
    16 Daniel - Like Michael and David, Daniel feels boring and blank to me.
    17 Oscar - I hope this doesn't mean Oscar will go to much higher in the US! Great name. Cute on a kid, rakish on a young man, dignified on an adult.
    18 Max - Yet ANOTHER nephew is a Max (Maxwell, really). Love Max.
    19 Muhammad - Do these countries combine spellings in their rankings? There are so many spelling variations of Muhammad that if one of them has risen to the top 20, the name is probably much more popular when you consider Mohammed, etc.
    20 Leo - Like Oscar, I hope this isn't poised to skyrocket in the US more than it already has. Bouncy, short names ending in -o are some of my favorites for boys - Hugo, Milo, Leo, Otto, etc.
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