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    Names for gods and goddesses?

    Hello fellow Nameberries!

    I'm currently writing a fantasy book which involves creating a religion that plays a huge part in the book. So, I'm trying to name a list of gods and goddesses. I'm kind of trying to link their names to who they are. So, if it's a nature goddess the name would have some connection to nature or some meaning that connects to nature. Also, don't worry about normal gender lines. It's not earth, so it doesn't matter. I have a couple picked out, but I want a second opinion. Okay... here we go.

    Goddess of nature- She's the 'head goddess' so to speak. She's very powerful and you can tell by just looking at her you should be scared. So far I have Cybele, Briar, Avis, Linden. Right now I'm thinking Briar, but it doesn't feel right.

    God of life- he appears to be a teenager, somewhere around fifteen. He's kind and lighthearted. Right now I have Meyer picked out, but it doesn't feel right. The name also has to go with his twin brother (god of death) Cole.

    God of war, battle, and weapons- He's tough and cruel. Right now I have Dree and Egon, but those don't sound right. Any other ideas?

    Goddess of wisdom- She's calm, collected, powerful, and motherly. Right now I have Sage and Rainer, but I don't know.

    Okay, these are the two I'm struggling with the most:

    I have two gods of love, one male and one female. They are twins, but they are also married. (I know weird, but most mythology works like this.) I am stuck on names, because I want something that connects the two, but sounds like they're gods of love. Like, Aphrodite, from greek mythology, sounds like a goddess of love. I have Amadeo and Amadea, but I don't know. Do those sound like gods of love? Help! Please!

    Okay. That's it. Wow! Thanks for the help in advance!
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    I like Cybele for the nature goddess. To me, it sounds powerful and elegant, like I picture she would be. For the god of life, maybe you could go with Levi? Levis means light in Latin, so that would work well, I think.

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    With my gods and goddesses* I went with made up names for all of them because I feel like they need it. Using a name like Susan, as an example, would just sound bizarre to my ears because Susan is a well known girl's name. I feel the same way about Cole and Amadea etc. I can see them as people, but not as gods.

    My advice would be to take names you like the sound of and tweak them slightly. For example, I might do:

    Cole: Kohl, Colus, Driscole, Coalam.

    Something like that. If you start choosing names and words from other languages - which, in your fantasy setting, won't have the same meaning in that culture anyway - you'll end up with an odd hotch-potch that doesn't fit stylistically.

    *Who have names like Jala, Archaius, Antar, Cirrus and Jemin.
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    I have to agree with @renrose. I'd make up names for characters like gods and goddesses. You could look up how certain words that describe the characters would sound in other (maybe rare or even dead) languages for inspiration.
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    Goddess of nature: Terra, Sena, Dhara, Avani
    God of life: Beathan, Vitus/Vidus, Zoilo
    God of war, battle and weapons: Bron, Alger, Armin, Arrio, Malin, Ogun, Tew/Tyr/Tyw, Kavan, Cathal, Averill, Cadell,
    Goddess of wisdom: Ulima, Gundruna, Hye, Sonia/Sonja, Sofia/Sophia, Zosia
    God of love: Aziz, Caradoc, Sajan
    Goddess of love: Ahava, Amoris
    I hope these help!
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