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    What do you really think of the top 10?

    It's probably been done before, but I've always wanted to ask this. Besides the knee-jerk "it's too popular/common", what is your real opinion of these 10 names?











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    I dislike Jacob (Jake is okay), Jayden, Michael and especially Mason. Ethan, Noah, William and Alexander are okay, I'm neutral. Liam and Aiden could be on my list if they weren't so overused.
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    Jacob -- I think it's the b at the end of the name, but I don't really like it. I don't hate it, but never quite found the love everyone else seems to have for it. And Jake just sounds Jakey to me.

    Mason -- It's a handsome nice name, with no wow factor.

    Ethan -- Have never like this. Nothing in the sound appeals to me at all.

    Noah -- I do like Noah. I don't love it, but I don't have anything bad to say about it either.

    William -- To me this is a boring classic. It's a good strong name, and probably almost everyone can say it has family connections. But there are so many more interesting names out there!

    Liam -- Major dislike. I just cant stand the sound.

    Jayden -- Seems girly and made-up to me. Always has.

    Michael -- Strong classic name. No wow factor, but it is handsome as long as it isn't dumbed down to Mike or Mikey.

    Alexander -- I have an irrational dislike for all the Alex- names. Don't know why, but I just don't like any of them at all and never have.

    Aiden -- I really liked this for a while, but now there is something about the way it sounds that bugs me. Like there is no substance and it's too vowel-ly.

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    Jacob - I like Jacob. Its not one of my favorites but I can see the appeal.

    Mason - Somedays I hate Mason and some days I'm ambivalent. I don't much like the sound but at least most people spell it right. It feels like the modern upgrade of Jason which I think was bound to become popular at some point.

    Ethan - Its okay. Its not made-up so I can get behind that. It always reminds me of Ethan Kraft from Lizzie Maguire and I never liked him.

    Noah - Adorable. It would be on my short list but its too popular even for me.

    William - A nice strong classic. I like it but I wouldn't use it, but not because of popularity, just because I like a lot of other names better.

    Liam -This was my favorite boys name in Middle School. I still like it but I see it as one of those names that will be known as coming from a certain era. I hate dated names and I just see Liam as being forever a 2010s name.

    Jayden - Never been a fan. My childhood friend named her son this at seventeen and whenever I hear it it reminds me of her.

    Michael - Its not my style but I can't hate it . Its a nice biblical name thats been popular for a long time. I'm never disappointed to meet a little Michael

    Alexander - I love Alexander. Its strong and classic with a great meaning. I really dislike the nn Alex though. I would probably only use it as a middle name.

    Aiden - I think its cute but I think people ruin it when they spell it weird. I prefer the traditional spelling Aidan and I think its a fine choice.
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    I like the classics: Jacob, Noah, and William the best. Michael and Alexander too, but a little less.

    Do not care for Liam, Aiden, Jayden, Ethan, or Mason. Too trendy/made-up/unisex/rhymey.
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