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Thread: Falling In Love

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    drewhollisrhodes21 Guest

    Falling In Love

    I've fallen in love with Scotty.

    For our baby boy due in August was have settled on Thaddeus and I for sure want it the name somewhere, but I'm considering making it the middle and having him be Scotty Tadd.....

    Or Tadd Scott.

    What are your thoughts on Scott, Scotty Tadd, and Tadd Scott?


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    Despite the double-S sound, I think Thaddeus Scott, nn Scotty, sounds very handsome.

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    I wouldn't use Scott as a first name, but I like Thaddeus Scott.
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    Scott Thomas? In the event you are not totally set on Thaddeus. Also if you are putting Scott in the middle I kind of like it with one t:

    Thaddeus Scot

    I wouldn't suggest one t in the first position becasue he will spend the rest of his life saying Scott with one t
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    sunshine kid Guest
    I agree with @rainydaygarden - Thaddeus Scot is handsome! I'm not a huge fan of Scott up front but Scotty as a FN is a cute, quirky alternative. So that said I quite like Thaddeus Scot and Scotty Thad/Tadd.

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