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    I will suggest Lucinda. You have Lu, Lucy, Cinni, Cinda... lots of choices.

    I suspect you feel like you should do an L name but you are burned out on them. So to inspire you
    I say don't look at any two syllable L names. Maybe make a list of a nice name from every letter of the alphabet
    except L.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for your help everyone!
    Middle name is definitely Ruth after my mother. I am not 100% opposed to going off the L theme but worry she will feel left out.

    The names currently on our possibility list are:

    I loved lacey and my husband hates it. Now I am wondering how it works on an adult?
    He loves Laney but I've been working it around in my head and can't get into it.
    Lucy is probably the only one I even remotely like but it reminds us a lot of Lucas.
    Pregnancy goes by so fast... And I'm already half way done. I hate to think I will be just picking any old name cause of the time crunch!

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    I can recommend Leah (my name pronounced Lee-yah). I also like the Lay-ah pronunciation and spelling Leia. It has seen me through all stages of life and suited me at all ages. Leah Ruth is also very pretty.

    EDIT: Lay-ah pronunciation would probably be better with Liam.

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    I'm going to echo the pp who suggested Leah (lay-ah) for you. Fits beautifully wit the boys.

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    I like Lena (lay-nah) for you. It's similar to Laney without the cutesie factor.
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