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Thread: 7 Daughters

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    Cool 7 Daughters

    What if you had 7 daughters? What would you name them? For each, I will include some rule you have to follow.

    Daughter #1:

    First name: Name must start with a vowel

    Middle name: Name must be one syllable

    Daughter #2:

    First name: A name typically used for boys

    Middle name: A name only used for girls

    Daughter #3:

    First name: Name must be a color

    Middle name: Name must be more than two syllables

    Daughter #4:

    First name: Whatever you want!

    Middle name: Must start with the same letter as your first name

    Daughter #5:

    First name: Name must be a classic

    Middle name: Name must be a word name

    Daughter #6:

    First name: Must be a virtue name

    Middle name: Must start with letters A-E

    Daughter #7:

    First name: Must be easily shortened

    Middle name: Must be a place name

    I'll include mine:
    DD#1: Adalyn Faith
    DD#2: Ryan Elizabeth
    DD#3: Hazel Evangeline
    DD#4: Brooklyn Aria
    DD#5: Elsa Cadence
    DD#6: Serene Avery "Avery"
    DD#7: Lila Victoria "Liv"
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    DD #1: Adelaide Lux
    DD #2: Wallis Katherine
    DD #3: Poppy Matilda
    DD #4: Lyra Juliet
    DD #5: Emma Fable
    DD #6: Honor Beatrix
    DD #7: Penelope "Penny" Eden
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    Daughter #1:

    Anna Claire

    Daughter #2:

    Charlie Catherine

    Daughter #3:

    Rose Elizabeth

    Daughter #4:

    Caroline Margaret

    Daughter #5:

    Mary Felicity

    Daughter #6:

    Grace Erin

    Daughter #7:

    Eleanor Adelaide

    Anna, CC, Rosie, Caroline, Mary, Grace, and Ellie

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