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    I've only ever met twins-normally there were 2-3 in our year group. I knew 2 sets of twins from the same family too.

    Dave and Mark (b/b)
    Jamie and Jody (g/b)
    Amy and Bethany (g/g)
    Ryan and Craig (b/b)
    Ricky and Jessica (b/g)
    Ruth and Jasmine (g/g)
    Peter and Jennifer (b/g)
    Brendan and Andrew (b/b)
    Alannah and Robert nn Robbie (g/b)

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    My grandmother was a fraternal twin - her name was Edith and her brother was Kenneth. My uncle (her son) was a fraternal twin as well but they were born really prematurely and his twin died . My uncle is John and his brother was another Kenneth, both family names.

    There's 4 sets of twins in my year/grade at school.
    Identical girls: Elys1@ and Le1l@
    Identical girls: Danielle and Lauren
    Identical boys: Lewis and Ben(jamin...I think)
    Fraternal girls: Kirsty and N@talie

    I also know two other sets of identical twin girls (I just realised I know quite a few of those) - Alexandra/Lexi and Danielle, and Beth and Amy.

    As far as I can recall I've only ever met one set of triplets, all girls, and from what I remember two of them were identical and the other wasn't. The two identical girls were Nat@sha and Steph@nie and the third sister was Ellie, short for Eleanor, I think.
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    I'm a twin! My brother is named James, so...
    Kathryn & James
    Elizabeth (Liz) & William (Willy, now Will)
    Megan & Melissa
    Caitlin & CJ (I think his first name was Christopher)
    ...for some reason that's all the names I can remember of twins I went to school with, but I know there were lots more. They did a piece on it in our yearbook one year. I wish I had them here so I could look it up, but they're at my mom's house.
    Edited to add: Amelia (Ame, pronounced like Amy) & Ashleigh - they were in my girl scout troupe.
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    I know plenty of twins and two sets of triplets
    Kallie and Chessie (identical)
    Lance and Vance (identical)
    Mercedes and Malik
    Brandon and Barrett (fraternal)
    Luke and Ty (fraternal)
    Morgan and Reagan (identical)
    Mason and Madeline
    Olivia and Claire (identical)
    Allison and Lindsay (fraternal)
    Hannah and Erica (identical)
    Sydney and Ronan
    Morgan, Marliese, and Meredith (identical)
    Mason, Benjamin, and Claire
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