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    My great grandmother (still alive and kicking at 95!) is a twin. She is Flora and her deceased twin is Lora. {When my aunt was pregnant with her twins my great grandmother made her promise she wouldn't give them matchy names.)

    So....My twin cousins are Hannah and Kara (pronounced Care-uh.)

    I know a girl set named Sydney and Reese

    Boy set- Austin and Cody

    Kaden and Kane ( this one makes me a little sad )

    Candace and Alyssa

    I haven't met multiples beyond twins.
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    I know 3 sets of triplets:
    Taylor, Logan and Cody
    Christopher, Nathan and Nicholas
    Andrew, Brandon, Cassandra

    And I know quite a few twins:
    Ailsa and Brett
    Connor and Riley
    Maria and Gabriella
    Amy and Ashley
    Anessa and A - something
    Claudia and John
    Ethan and Holly
    Leslie and Lenora
    Aiden and Brody
    Daisy and Phoebe
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    •Dorothea Joy•Eleanora Jayne•Elizabeth Leigh•Eloise Willa•
    •Evangeline Kate•Georgiana Celeste•Gwendolyn Alice•Hermione Rose•
    •Jessamine Eve•Rosalie Hazel•Theodora Claire•

    •Alexander James•Andrew Graham•Benjamin Adam•Camden Reece•
    •Daniel Reid• Finnegan Taylor•Gabriel Simon•Harrison Caleb•
    •Jonathan Joel•Lukas Montgomery•Nathaniel Beau•Oliver Michael•
    •Samuel Avery•Theodore Henry•William Jacob•

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    America's only set of male quintuplets are now going to college in my family's hometown. Their names are Mason, Hunter, Tanner, Parker, and Taylor.
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    From different areas of country Victoria, Australia.. All aged in their early 20's..

    Kelly and Becky.
    Clayton and Tyler.
    Jeremy and Bethany.
    Bernadette and Pamela.
    Amy and Zac.
    Chelsea and Steven.
    Raphaela and Anastasia.
    Tara and Jake.
    Rommy and Perry.
    Bonnie and Demi.
    Sara and Claire.
    Monique and Matt.
    Lance and Charlotte.
    Tash and Tegan.
    Alice and Jackie.
    Andrea, Claudine, and Lizelle.
    Clementine and Clancey.
    Dexter and Levi.
    Tyson and Leroy.
    Jack and Mia.
    Declan and Quade.
    Mahnee and Maelisa.
    Sheldon, Kelsey, Jake, and Lilly.
    Gwilym and Simon.
    Patrick and Barry.
    Liam and Christina.
    Julian and Dion.
    Anthony and Jonathan.
    Zoe, Ellie, and Jess.
    Dakota and Cidnee.
    Thea and Erin.
    Nathaniel and Matthew.
    Travis and Josh.
    Tess, Mich, and Meg. (Mich is prn Mitch and is female.
    Adam, Grant, Paul, and Stefan.
    Madeleine and Bryan.
    Grace and Elizabeth.
    Felicity and Victoria.
    Kirby and Ashton. (Both girls)
    Shanna and Lena.

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    Most of these are people I went to school with. I probably forgot a few...

    Gavin and Gregory Jr. (my cousins)
    Nicholas and Meghan
    Shaun and Stephen
    Dylan and Dalton
    Austin and Christian
    Harrison and Lillian (I loved their names. They went by Harry and Lilly.)
    Amber and Amanda
    Heather and Hope
    Hannah and Hali (pronounced like Haylee)
    Lauren and Lexi
    Dylan and Brody
    Nicholas and Adam
    Jeremiah, Elijah and Margaret (Margaret went by Meg)
    Alexandria Kate
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