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    Brittany and Bryana (frat)
    Angus and Anik (frat)
    Madison and Mädchen (frat) (Older sibs of Angus and Anik)
    Dwayne and Josh (frat)
    Tonya and Sonya (identical)
    Blake and Drew (frat)
    Abel and Odel (born in the 1930's) (identical)
    My great grandmother had twin brothers both started with a "C" but I can only remember Clyde. (Identical)
    Chase Alexander, Chase Alexandre "Lex" and Chase Xander "Xander" (identical)
    Charles, Ryan, Eric and Bethany (frat quads)

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    I've only knew two sets of twins. Fraternal, Anastasia and Petr, went to school with me. Identical, Maya and Mary, are my friend's acquaintances.
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    Grace & Olivia
    Cassandra & Jessica
    Amanda & Denise
    Barbara & Louise
    Eliana & Samantha

    3 of them I know for sure are identical. 1 (C & J) are fraternal.

    Rachael & Gregory
    Kyle & Sierra
    Bradley & Melissa
    Benjamin & Marissa

    Asher & Isaac were twin little boys whose names I heard in passing. There was also a set of identical twin boys who lived across the street from me but I never played with them or got their names. Other than that I've never formally met a set of twin boys. I've met boys who have told me they had a twin brother, but I've never met both twins.

    I went to school with two sets of triplets 1 set boys, and the other set girls, both fraternal
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    My brothers are twins- Adam Robert Paul and Daniel Philip Ian.

    My friend's sister has triplets- Isabel, Hannah and Amelia.

    I think that's all I know!

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    Nice to hear everyone's stories. I just remembered there was set of triplets at sixth form too but only two went to my school, so I never met the other one. The two I knew were Oliver and Chloe and I think the third was Adam but I'm not sure. I guess with IVF, multiple births are becoming more commonplace.

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