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    Growing up, I knew 8 sets of twins (all naturally conceived), 1 set of triplets (naturally conceived) , and 1 set of quadruplets (I'm not sure about their conception but they were born in the 80s)

    Out of school I met another set of identical twins (they were born in the 50s, naturally conceived)

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    Ana & Mina (born in Bulgaria)
    Sarah & Kate (full name is Kate, not Katharine)
    Lexie & Tommy (I think her middle name is Lexie. She doesn't like her first name)
    Abigail & Sofia

    That's all I can remember right now
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    When I was in elementary school, I knew two sets of twins. The fraternal set was Christopher & Christina, and the identical set was Erika & Kamila. One of my teachers was also a twin, and that set of identical twins was Christine & Sarah.

    In middle school, I met identical twins Martha & Joanna & Sintia & Anayeli. My teacher also had triplets, whom she named Alexia, Brennan & Gavin. Another one of my teachers had twin girls named Silvanna & Giovanna.

    A close family friend has two little girls named Amina & Elina. Two cousins of mine also have twins: fraternal twins Benton & Grace and identical twins Edin & Emir.
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    My maternal grandmother had 4 SETS of twins. There are also a bunch on my dad's side of the family. Aside from them, I have known 1 set of fraternal twins & 5 sets of identicals.
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    I know five sets of twins and two sets of triplets

    Charles and Madeleine (Maddie)
    Another Madeline/Maddie with a brother whose name I cannot remember
    Isabella and Gabriella
    Kenya and Kayla
    Beau and Nicholas (Nick)

    Milo, Skye, and Rory (b/g/g)
    Christine, Katherine, and John
    Julia Catherine

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