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    I'm twins with my brother: Cotton and Drew

    I've met a lot of twins throughout the years, but only one set of triplets in middle school: Maud, Thomas, and Tess.

    Some names I can remember/ know currently:

    B/B Twins:

    Chris and Andrew (<< in my son's preschool)
    Shawn and Jake (<< coach them)
    Zac and Jack (<<Zac was my BFF in middle school)
    JP (Joseph Paul) and Riley (<< coach them)
    Walter and Elijah (<< babysat for them for the longest time)

    G/G Twins:

    Georgia and Caroline (<< queen B's in high school)
    Ana and Martina (<< sassy girls in my sons preschool)

    G/B Twins:

    Kelly and Case (<moved to California in 3rd grade)
    Jesse and Ray (<< in my yearbook)
    Bay and Wyatt (<< childhood neighbors)
    Marley and Scotty (<< live down the street)
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    I can never even seem to remember them all, haha. Off the top of my head:

    Kyle and Jeremiah (I always thought that stylistically, these work so well, but length-wise, they're so mismatched!) "Kyle and Jere"
    Bridget and Sabrina
    Rebecca and Joshua "Becky and Josh"
    John and Jeremiah (I think. I know John is John, because he's my grandfather, but his twin brother was estranged, so I am not terribly familiar. I didn't even know he existed until my grandfather died!) "Jack and Jerry"

    And now is where I draw a blank. le sigh. Some cyber friends who had multiples:

    Helena Kate, Nora Violet, and Anna Joyce "Hattie, Novi, and Anna"
    Eloise Kaylin and Edyn Rowena (usually, I'd find it a bit crazy, but she also had Elijah Jamil "EJ" and Echo Monet "Emmy", so I feel they sort of balance out in their zany dissimilarity...)
    Catherine Elizabeth and Zachariah Lucas "Lizzie and Zachy" (also triplets, Ariana Gabriella June, Daniel Zane Patrick, and Ashley Miriam Grace "Ari, Daniel, and Lea")

    And I think that's it.
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    I know tons of twins, including my (late) Mom.

    I have only known one set of triplets, though... Chandler, Conner & Carter


    Abigail Louise & Gary Lee (mom & uncle)
    Daniel Joseph & Andrew James (fratneral)
    Holly & Hannah (identical)
    Seth & Kyle (identical)
    Kirk & Kellen (identical)
    Chad & Dustin (fraternal)
    Wesley & Nadine
    Molly & Max
    Danielle & Jordan (boy)
    Heather & Heidi (fraternal)
    Christopher & Ryan (fraternal)
    Gregory & Jeffrey (identical)
    Anthony & Antoine (identical)
    Katherine Elizabeth & Nicholas Scott (Liz & Scott, they both went by their middles)
    ...I know I'm missing people, particularly boy/girl twins. I knew quite a few as I moved around the country (Army brat!)
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    I have a lot in my graduating high school class
    Courtney and James
    Kevin and Devon
    Margaret and Jacquelin
    Dillion and Dakota
    Andrew and Matthew
    Ryan and Shyan
    Bradley and Jacob
    Logan and Maxwell
    Courtney and Lindsay
    Jacob and Noah

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    I've known...

    Emily and Jane (fraternal, 6)
    Ruby and Nina (identical, 12)
    Melissa and Marissa (so, so bad...identical, late 20s)
    Rachel and Emily (identical, late 20s)
    Liam and Aidan (fraternal, 9)
    Grace and Carly (fraternal, 8)
    Annabel and Madison(f) (fraternal, almost 3)
    Olive and Violet (identical, 8)
    Sean and Seamus (identical, about 30)

    Apparently I don't know many male multiples, I hadn't realized that until now.

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