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    Question How many twins/triplets/multiples have you met?

    I was thinking about my school days, and I realised that I went to school with a lot of twins/triplets. At junior school, there were two sets of triplets - Joe, Rosie and Lydia, and Jade, Sophie and Mitchell. There was also quite a few twins, but not in my classes, so I don't recall their names. Then, in sixth form, there we three sets of twins - Rowan and Levi (identical boys), Joe and Nick (fraternal boys), and Martin and Georgia. So, how many twins have you met?

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    I'm not sure of the exact amount but I've met over 15 pairs of twins and only one set of triplets

    I can't remember all of the names but these are the ones I remember:

    Danielle and Samantha (Danni and Sammi)
    Abby and Hannah
    Rowan and Radick
    Carlee and Logyn
    Mitchell and Michaela
    Taylor and Trevor
    Erik and Jake
    Ashley and Logan
    Taylor and Tiffany

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    I'm a twin: Jemima and Gretel. The other twins I know:
    Seamus and Georgia
    Scout and Xavier (g/b)
    Alexandra and Isabella
    Phoebe and Hannah
    Robert and Simon
    Amy and Stephanie
    Sophie and Libby (Elizabeth)
    Alicia and Brianna
    Holly and Greta
    Jessica and Emily
    Marissa and Georgina
    Rachael and Samantha
    Felix and Cosmo (b/b - I think this is the coolest sibset ever)
    Emma and Elissa

    Naima, Rachelle and Philip (g/g/b)
    Jack, Daniel and Julian
    Molly, Emily and Oliver

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    I don't know any triplets, but I know quite a few twins!

    Emily and Jake
    Charlotte and Emily
    Tiffany and Brandon
    Emma and Calvin
    Jessica and Alexandra
    Taylor(g) and Gabriel
    Rebecca and Joel
    Nancy and Jessica (I went to school with them)
    Leighton(b) and Aiden
    Abby and Max
    William and Rheya

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