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    Edith Rosalie - thoughts?

    So if we end up having a girl I have managed to bring my husband around to using Edith. (Hooray!) I had posted a thread earlier about middle names and there were some great suggestions but we seem to have ended up back at Rosalie.

    I know Edith is a bit old lady-ish still so does Rosalie lighten it up or make it seem even older? Opinions and other suggestions would be welcome.


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    I like it a lot. I think Rosalie lightens/brightens up Edith and makes her feel younger.

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    I find both of these names very endearing and while Edith does have that old-lady association, I think it has tons of potential for revival -- enabling it to knock that association away a bit. And I agree with previous post about Rosalie. It's a winner all around.

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    I love Edith and Rosalie too but I have mixed feelings about the "ee" sounds (Edith has it up front and Rosalie on the end). I think I can put aside that issue because Rosalie is so pretty. Edith is such a serious and stately name that I like to pair it with something a little more quirky.

    Edith Lavender
    Edith Juniper
    Edith Loveday
    Edith Jessamine
    Edith Marigold
    Edith Magnolia
    Edith Clover
    Edith Lorelei
    Edith Valentine

    Mn's similar to Rosalie

    Edith Coralie
    Edith Felicity
    Edith Verity
    Edith Bryony
    Edith Romilly
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    I love it, Rosalie freshens and lifts Edith and the flow is perfect.
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