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    Name meaning hide/hidden/found/find

    The only thing I was able to find was Darnell and Zephaniah. I just want to know if there is anyway to convey finding a hidden object in a name.

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    Razili - Hebrew, "My secret"
    Sigrun - Norse. Derived from the Old Norse elements sigr "victory" and rún "secret".

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    Caspar/Casper means "keeper of the treasure" and Jasper means "bringer of treasure." Hernando means "adventurer" or "explorer."

    Another thing that popped into my mind was a case I read in American law school called Armory v Delamirie (sorry this might be a long explanation), where Armory was a chimney sweep who found an antique jeweled brooch in a chimney and the court basically said "finders keepers losers weepers" and let him have it. So you could do something like "Armory" and it could kind of stand for the meaning you're looking for. You could also pull from pop culture and do Indiana for Indiana Jones. Or you could even pull from history and do Erik for the viking leader (I think) who supposedly found America. I'm sure there are many treasure hunters/explorers from history you could use. You could tailor the name to a find that has meaning to you then (e.g. the finders of the Dead Sea Scrolls if you're religious).
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    Ohh.. thanks guys!! I knew someone would come through with something good!

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    Leto (f) is a name from old Greek mythology meaning "hidden, forgotten..." She was the daughter of Phoebe, mother of Artemis & Apollo. Their father was Zeus. I think Leto works equally well for a boy in our modern times. I have also seen it written as Leta.
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