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  • Sylvie Kathleen

    6 9.84%
  • Sylvie Jane

    16 26.23%
  • Matilda Jane

    29 47.54%
  • Corinne Mae

    10 16.39%
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    Question Less than 3 weeks left and can't decide!!!

    I've looked at too many name blogs and lists. Overwhelmed! We have a 4 year old boy, Jack, and I knew his name as soon as I found out it was a boy. But finding a name for this little girl that is due Valentine's day is a different story. We have been thinking Sylvie (Mae, Jane, Kathleen for middle). But also liked Matilda, Clementine, Mae, Corinne... Nothing sounds right to me. Last name is Bridges

    Sylvie Kathleen
    Sylvie Jane
    Matilda Jane
    Corinne Mae

    Any feedback on the name Sylvie would be great!

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    I chose Sylvie Jane as I think it just sounds so good together, as would Sylvie Mae and Sylvie Clementine. Matilda Jane is a close second.

    Sylvie is not my style of name so I can't provide a whole lot of insight on the name. I'm pretty neutral about it, but prefer it over Matilda! I do think it would make a sweet little girls name but also very lovely on an adult. Some might think it's a nickname, but I think it sounds somewhat less nicknamey than some of the names floating around.

    I really like the name Corinne and adore Mae, however this combo falls flat for me, as do your other mn options. I feel like it could use something lighter, less sturdy to help balance out the strong finish Corinne has on it. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it Corinne is kind of a tricky one to pair with a mn.

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    I love love love Sylvie!! Silvia/Sylvia is on my list because it is so underrated and underused and is so beautiful. I feel the same way about Sylvie, but it's a little too nicknamey for me -- I'm a long, formal name girl, but it sounds like your style is more toward shorter names, so this seems perfect. Sylvie Jane wins over the other three by a longshot. It's gorgeous. I would absolutely swoon if I met a Sylvie Jane. Perfect.

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    Thanks for your input! I've always really liked Corinne too, but I'm not sure my husband likes it all that much. It's definitely lower on the list for him. Plus we don't really like the nn Cory/Cori - not that you necessarily need a nn. We were set on Mae for a while too. It's hard to find a mn for Mae. We've gone back and forth with so many names. Sylvie has lasted the longest!
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    Sylvie Mae, Sylvie Corinne, Sylvia Rose (cuz Valentines day ya know????), Sylvia Kate.

    Sylvie is a super cute name; I have a soft spot for it. And it goes fairly well with Jack.

    Jack is a really classic name. Kate, Rose, and Jane are very classic names that sound really good with Jack, too. (TBH I think Jack & Rose is seriously adorable.)
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