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    Thoughts on Mira?

    I posted last fall about the name Miriam with the nickname Mira, and asking for help in convincing DH that Miriam was THE name if we were having a girl. Well, it is a girl! However I could not convince him to use Miriam, but we are pretty darn close to choosing Mira June as her name...which I adore for so many reasons I will not go into and the name feels right for her. The only thing I do not love is that I tend to like classic, mostly timeless names and Mira is not that, at least not in the US.

    So my questions are this:

    How would you classify Mira (MEER-AH) or what kind of vibe does the name give? Does it feel trendy in any way?

    Our son is Levi. What sort of sibling names would you pair with Levi and Mira?


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    Mira is the name of a star! As in one that belongs to a constellation, not hollywood elite.

    I love this name and similar names. I have also seen it spelled Meera, with longer variations such as Mireille (french, Mee-RAI) and Mireia (Spanish; Mee-RAI-uh), Mirella, Mirabel and Amira. All give potential for Mira as a nn though is perfect on its own as well. I also like that Mira has ties to many different origins. Kinda makes it more universal in my mind.

    Anyway, all that said I would say that it is a name with a more classic feel to it. It is simple and beautiful, distinctly feminine but not frilly. So while it might not actually be classic it still has that same style and tone that makes this name match easily with other such names. If that makes sense. I think it bodes well with many of the other popular/classic names that are trending right now (Ella, Ava, Violet, Pearl, Eloise, etc), but does not feel trendy to me.

    So with that said, I think it would be easy to come up with a sibling name for Levi and Mira.

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    Thank you for your feedback. Exactly what I needed to hear for the final push.

    Mireia is beautiful. I had never heard of that one before!

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    I love Mira. I think it is fine on its own, especially with your son's name. I like 4 and 4 letters for sibs. (I have an Owen, and Mira is at the top of my list.)

    Otherwise, another longer name option I love is Miranda. Miranda June nn Mira would be sweet too.

    NOTE: Just realized Miranda June might be funny given the artist Miranda July--if you know her! haha

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    A friend's daughter is named Mira, after her grandmother Miriam. I've met a few Mira's, mostly in the Jewish community. I think it's a great name! Congrats on your daughter

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