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    Baby #3 is a Boy with no name!

    We are struggling to name Baby #3 - who just happens to be our first boy! My husband is on cloud 9, needless to say. We are quickly learning that girl names were much easier for us than boy names... So here's the issue:

    My husband's name is Titan, which I really like and people compliment him all the time. He's always wanted a Junior, but the idea is tough for me to go with. I want my son to have his own name and not be "little" Titan or worse (my husband's "brilliant" idea) Deuce. Not a fan of a Junior, but the fact that it's important to him makes me feel guilty.

    While he hasn't given up, we've talked about possibilities of Asa or Athens (good compromise in my opinion). He'll have my husband's middle name, Joseph, regardless.

    So I need opinions...would you suck it up and go with a Junior (I could call him Ty, I guess)? Lean toward Asa, which our daughters say sounds too much like Ava (leave it to a 5 and 7 year old). Or Athens which goes nicely with our daughters, Lorelei Grace and Phoebe Claire?

    Thanks for opinions in advance! Hoping this'll decrease my stress level.

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    I understand your issue with a junior. I am personally not a fan of juniors but if it is that important to your husband you may just have to deal. I think Ty is a cute Nn though... You could also call him TJ as a possible nickname not sure if your into that???

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    I'd go with Athens. I love the Greek mythology theme you've got going on!

    If you're open to suggestions, one of my favorite books had a boy in it named Artem, after Artemis, the goddess of the hunt.

    Or perhaps your husband would consider giving him a name of a titan instead? Atlas, Helios, Hyperion, Pallas? Or other Greek myth/Greek/Greekish names: Achilles, Alexander, Andreas, Apollo, Argo, Cadmus, Castor, Daimon, Darius, Demetri, Dion, Dorian, Elias, Gregory, Halcyon, Hector, Lucas, Nicholas, Olympus, Orion, Pericles, Perseus, Plato, Solon, Stephen, Theodore, Theron, Zephyr, or Zeus.

    I probably just increased your stress level, huh? Straightforward answer: Athens over Asa.
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    How about Tyson Joseph?


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    I like Athens. How about Atlas? That's even closer to Titan IMO. Atlas Joseph sounds nice and it's very manly!

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