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    Mecca for a girl-honest thoughts and opinions

    I have recently fallen in love with this unusual place name and think it could be a very special name for my future daughter. I have been thinking alot lately about names that have a special meaning and connect children to their heritage, ancestors, and a sense of spirituality. I am not super religious, but I am deeply spiritual and the Muslim faith of my family means alot to me. My faith has a huge impact on my identity and world view, and I would love a name that gives my child this sense of pride in their background. Mecca is not a typical given name, but I love the symbolism of making the pilgrimage to the holy city.

    What do you think of using Mecca as a first or middle name? I would love to hear the good, bad, and ugly.

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    Given your heritage, I would say it's your call to make. Have you asked any family members what they think of Mecca as a given name? If I met a Mecca I would assume she came from a Muslim background, and then I would think it was strange that her parents named her Mecca.

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    I knew a Mecca in high school, so I don't think it's that strange at all--given that you're Muslim. If you're not (or you have no Muslim background at all), than I would be a little confused. I think it's a nice sounding name and not dissimilar in sound to other names (Jenna, Becca, Emma)

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    If I met a girl named Mecca I would think..Great name! that is a really cool name her Mom gave her---I like it!

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    The meaning is lovely, but I don't find the sound of 'Mecca' to be attractive...Medina?

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