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    How about Bizzy?

    We've been on a naming hiatus for a while but started chatting with my hubs and mom tonight. We talked about potential ways to honor my sister who passed last summer, Emma Elizabeth. Emma is so popular and might be too painful to use as a first so my mom said what about Elizabeth? I countered with, "could we call her Bizzy?" And everyone heartily agreed.
    Bizzy is one of my bff's names and she was my maid of honor. Her full name is Elizabeth and I've always thought it was a cool name.
    Besides Elizabeth being my sisters mn, my MIL's mn is Beth and ny gram's name is Betty.


    Any mn ideas? Might like to keep the virtue name theme like my other daughter.

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    The first time I read it, I thought 'She'll have to be a very busy person'. Then I went back and really read it thoroughly. If it means something to you, it isn't terrible, and I absolutely adore Elizabeth.
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    You can't go wrong with Elizabeth; it's a lovely classic. I'm sorry about your sister. Elizabeth would be a nice way to honor her and other family members as well.
    There are many nicknames for Elizabeth, and I like most of them better than Bizzy: Eliza, Beth, Betsy/Bitsy, Ellie, Lizzie...but if you use Bizzy, you'll be honoring your friend as well, and it sounds like your family is right on board with it. Can't get much better than that.

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    Elizabeth is one of our top three names and I only want to use it if we can call her Bizzy. I adore the nickname but have found on here that others don't agree. That said, anything straying from the typical norm doesn't get the best reviews. But if you have your girl and she goes by Bizzy then I'm sure people will warm up to it!

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    I really like Elizabeth nn Bizzy. That's probably my favorite of all the nickname options. And Elizabeth/Bizzy + virtue middle would be lovely!

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