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    I like Evangeline, nn Ange (meaning 'angel' in French).

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    1. Evangeline- this is my favorite. I have it on my list. I think it is sweet and sophisticated at the same time. I like the nickname Evie, but Eva is nice too
    2. Claire- I like the simplicity of Claire. It is really classy, and ages well. I love the spelling Clare, but Claire is nice too.
    3. Aurelia- I love the look and feel of the name, but I feel like everyone pronounces it different, which turns me off to the name.
    4. Lola- It is just a bit nicknamey for me. I like it, but can't picture it on an adult. I doesn't help that my cousin had a stuffed dog that she named Lola. So that is what I think of.
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    I like Lola and Claire.

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    Aurelia (nn Auri or Rae) - A beautiful rare name! Aurelia has a mystical princess feel and Auri and Rae are spunky and gorgeous!
    Evangeline - I love the long flowing feel of the name and once again great nicknames!
    Lola - short and sweet with lots of spunk but NMS.
    Claire - I can see why people like this name, it's lovely and classic but for personal associations I don't like it.
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    Lola ~ This is so lovely! All the Lola's I've met have been lovely people.
    Claire ~ I was almost a Claire. I wouldn't have minded that. I like it a lot!
    Aurelia ~ I've recently fallen in love with this name! Auri is one of my favorite nns ever.
    Evangeline ~ Evie/Eva is an adorable nn, and Evangeline is such a good full name for later. Although, like some previous posters I think it's a big name.

    I would probably go with Aurelia from your list! But whichever you choose will be lovely. I really couldn't pick a favorite!
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