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    Middles for Gilbert?

    Hey Berries,

    I have recently fallen in love with Gilbert. Now I need to find a middle for him.

    I like nature-related middles, or names with adventurous meanings. (Finnur means 'wanderer' in Icelandic, Gael means 'wild' in Welsh.) Not too long though, three syllables at the most.

    My Boys List:
    Julian Darcy
    Samson Finnur
    Eustace Robin
    Oliver ?

    Thank you!
    Jude, blackbird.

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    Gilbert Wren
    Gilbert Adam (son of the earth, bit nature-y :P)
    Gilbert Forest
    Gilbert Hudson (as in the Hudson River )
    Gilbert Sage
    Gilbert Lake
    Gilbert Jasper
    Gilbert Cedar
    Gilbert Rowan
    Gilbert Kai
    Gilbert Aspen
    Gilbert Orion
    Gilbert Hunter
    Gilbert Cole
    Gilbert Landon (meaning long hill)
    Gilbert Bryn (meaning 'hill' AND Welsh )
    Gilbert Alder
    Gilbert Basil
    Gilbert Lachlan
    Gilbert Adair (meaning 'oak grove')
    Gilbert Ainsley (meaning 'hermitage/clearing in the wood')

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    I like pp's suggestion of Gilbert Hudson and Gilbert Cole.

    I'm glad you're considering the name! I love it but my husband doesn't so I've taken it off my list

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    I love the suggestions of Gilbert Fox and Gilbert Forest! The first thing I thought of was Gilbert Barnaby.
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