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    My bf and I alrdy have a 16 month old son named Liam, and are expecting a baby girl within the next month or so... With our son, the name was set in stone from halfway thru the pregnancy. BabyGirl is still nameless ><

    As you you can gather my panic level is rising, and I'm beginning to fear that we'll never agree on a name :-(
    He likes Ziva, I have numerous reason for vetoing this (incl. it being too close to my ex's old dog's name). And I looove Enya, which he thinks is ugly, dated and sounds like an old hag.

    I cannot express how much I love Enya. Apart from it giving me the same feeling that Liam did while expecting my son, Liam and Enya are from the same name-family (Ziva is Hebrew), and sound great together imo (bf is set on Ziva).

    Now, I have a long name that does not sound the same internationaly.
    Me and bf agree that name must work abroad too, and being a phoneticly frantic English major, it is important to me that name sounds similar internationaly. Ziva does not, as native tongue does not voice Z, so s/z is insistinguishable.

    Furthermore I like short, 4-letter names. 2 syllables. Not easily shortened. Phonetically different from Liam. All different letters. Ending on vowel. Sounds good with Liam. Not starting with L. No "funky" spellings.

    At current, we're discussing Emily, Miley and Zoey, both having given up our #1.
    You can see ofc, how none of these fulfill my demands. (The z in Zoey is still unvoiced in mother tongue, but the o-sound helps) I think Emily is my favourite, but I still keep coming back to Enya...

    Am driving bf nuts that I cant let it go, and I wouldnt want him to "give in" hating the name, when he has to live with it for (hopefully) ever...

    I have searched and searched the internet. Made lists. Started over. Rinsed & repeated again and again... Have given up caring about popularity. Just want to agree.

    But we're stuck.

    Middle name is gonna be Mathilde after my much loved, recently deceased grandmother. Last name is 7 letters 2 syll. Germanic origin. Starts with an F.

    Oh and have 8-y-o dog named Emma, so no go. And Liam's full name is Liam Alexander.

    Can any1 think of a name, that delivers on all the criteria, like Enya, but isnt that? Or somthn close at least?

    Praying for divine intervention or just som1 with a grrreat name that isnt alrdy "out there" ;o)

    Edit: any names with th making the sound as initially in Theodor are out. And so are names with J, as eg. Jane becomes Eane... Plus final e is pronounced here making a sort of eh/uh sound.
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    I wouldn't use Miley because of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth.. they probably won't be relevant in a few years but still.

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    Elin brings back bad memories for me.
    Elia got vetoed by bf.
    Have a friend named Nina.
    Anya (and variations) have widely different initial a, not just in British vs. American.

    Vita becomes Fita in German...
    Ayla has the issue of being pronounced as both ay or ai.
    Aria is inevitably 3 ayllables in mother tongue, with plural poss pronunciations :-/

    Cara has the same a issue ass above.
    Esme reminds me too much of Twilight.
    The s in Isla is not silent in MT.
    I like Nora, but bf vetoed. Thinks it sounds old. Plus he cant get over it being the name in MT for that disney cow character that Goofey likes.

    Kira has also been vetoed by bf, as a rather famous blogger/ex-stripper here bares that name.

    Kiri is too special for me...

    As you can see, this is like mission impossible ><
    But tyvm for the inputs

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