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    Is Simon John IV too pretentious?

    Hello everyone!
    My husband and I have a three year old daughter, Phoebe Jane, and are expecting twins in March, a boy and a girl. We already know that the girl will be Emmeline Charlotte, but are torn on the boy's name. My husband shares his name, Simon John, with his father and grandfather, and wants to pass it down in honor of them. I love the name itself, but I worry that it'll be confusing, or that my son will feel like he doesn't have his own identity. Also, our surname is pretty WASP-y (ends with -land), and I'm afraid that Simon John -land, IV will sound especially pretentious. What do you think?

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    I think the name is wonderful, and yes it does sound like it comes from a long line of family but I like that about it. I personally love preppy names and so I do not think you should shy away from a name just because it seems "pretentious." I would definitely name him Simon John the IV but give him a unique and more approachable nickname so he can have his own identity.

    Some Nickname Ideas:


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    Absolutely not. If it's a family name and you and your husband are fans of it, then passing it on is a wonderful tribute and it does not sound pretentious. Simon John is a lovely name, but if you're not into calling him by Simon since his father is also a Simon, there are so many nicknames that you can choose from (i.e. Sim, Mio, Solo, Sonny)

    It's up to you. If you love it, then everybody else's opinion doesn't matter.
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    There is nothing pretentious about the combo Simon John.

    Nigel Dunston Godfrey Kensington? That's pretentious.
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    I like the combo Simon John but I'm not crazy about the IV part. While I appreciate tradition, I don't think that one should follow it blindly. Would your son feel pressure to continue it with a fifth Simon John? Probably. Would it be fair? Not really. Have you considered switching the names around and calling him John Simon or even Jonathan Simon? That way you can honour three generations but give him his own name.
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