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    Three-Syllable Boy Name with Two-Syllable Nickname?

    What are some three-syllable boy names with two-syllable nicknames that you love? We're looking for a name for our son to be born at the end of February (!) and are having a hard time choosing a name. I love the way a three-syllable name sounds with our two-syllable hyphenated last name.

    These are the 3-syllable/2-syllable names on our list:

    Theodore nn Theo
    Harrison nn Harry
    Augustus nn Auggie
    Elliott nn Eli

    Which ones do you like and can you suggest any more?

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    We have the same taste in names as I am looking for something similar.

    Oliver "Ollie"
    Everett "Ever"
    Sullivan "Sully"
    Alistair "Ali"
    Jameson "Jamie/Jimmy"
    Henderson "Henry"
    Charleston "Charlie"

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    I only like Theo, but not Theodore. No offense.

    Do you like:

    Broderick nn brodi, derick, Rodney, erick

    Adrian nn Ian, Ryan Adan

    Damian nn Ian

    Davian nickname Davis, Ian

    Josiah nickname Joey

    Isaiah nn Isaac

    Augustan nn August or austan

    Zachary nn Aries

    Nathaniel nn Nathan or Tanner

    Evander nn Evan, Vander, Andy, anders, etc

    Nicholas nn nico ( knee co )

    Nikolai nn niko

    Sebastian nn Ian, Austin

    Jeremy nn Remy

    Tobias nn Toby or Tobin

    Orlando nn Owen, Landon, Landry, lando

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    Maybe Atticus (Atti) or Leopold (Leo)?
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    Remington nn Remy
    Roderick nn Derick, Rodney, Ricky
    Sebastian nn Bastian
    William nn Liam
    Matthias nn Matty, Thias, Matthew
    Benjamin nn Benji or Benny
    Thackery/Ackery/Zachary nn Ackers/Thackers
    Augustine nn August or Gustin
    Anthony nn Tony
    Atticus nn Attic
    Dominic nn Nico
    Nicolai/Nicolas nn Nico
    Maverick nn Erick or Maver
    Oliver nn Ollie
    Vincenzo nn Vincent or Cenzo
    Elijah/Elias nn Eli
    Gabriel nn Gable
    Giovanni nn Gio
    Lexander nn Xander

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