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    I've never been a huge fan of the whole Jr., II, III, IV, V, etc., thing--my dad's a II, and my brother's a III, and I've seen firsthand how confusing it can be, but I would just make sure you have something you can actually call him that isn't Little Simon/etc. If I were a II, III, IV, etc., I would find that so demeaning, haha. I think reversing it to John Simon would actually be really cool. It could be a fun double barrel, or he could be John, Johnny, Jack, JJ, or even Simon or Si, depending on what your husband goes by (for what it's worth, I think Phoebe, Emmeline, and Jack are adorable together!). How do you feel about having a Simon, IV? The pretentiousness aside? Does it really bug you, or could you get behind it? I think you have your answer there. I don't think it sounds pretentious, or looks pretentious, really--if I went for it, I would go for it with gusto, and find it dashing and dapper, and so timeless. I think it's a great name, with lots of options, but I'm not too keen on the IV part, personally. I think it matters more what you think than what others think, though. II, III, IV, V, etc. works really well for some families, but it's not right for other families at all. I've vowed never to do it, personally, but I think it matters more where you stand. Maybe toss around other ideas--including Simon and John as a potential first or middle, if you would like to continue to honor the three generations of Simons--and if you keep coming back to Simon John, IV, then go with it. It doesn't hurt to make sure.

    Good luck!
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    I wouldn't worry too much about the IV thing! I had two friends for several years in school and never even knew they had a number name until 8th grade "graduation" when they read the diplomas. So it doesn't necessarily effect day to day life, but can still be a nice family tradition.

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    If you & your husband both like the name then go for it. It's not the least bit pretentious to me.

    If you want to give him his own identity then I also like Mischa's suggestion of Jonathan Simon. I like nn's Jonty, or Johnny, Jono, or you could even use Nathan/Nate if that appealed. Or I know a Jonathan who still & has always gone by his full name. Love Simon too though so go for the name you like most up front.

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    Simon John is lovely but I don't care for the numerals. As people have mentioned , the "name chain" will be interrupted eventually —*you don't see a lot of V's, VI's and VII's around.

    Plus Simon doesn't have a lot of nicknames. It's one thing to have a Billy, a Will, and a Liam in the same family — it could get confusing with Simon Jr, Simon III, and Simon IV.

    If it's important for you to name like the idea of John Simon or Simon with a different middle name (maybe a name from your family).
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    I don't think it's pretentious. I also don't believe that a person's name is their whole identity. Your son will have his own unique person regardless of whether he shares a name with his father and grandfathers or not. I think some people underestimate the importance of family traditions, and the sense of belonging it can provide. I know many people who are very proud to be named after a family member.
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