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Thread: Emily

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    My wife and I both love the name Emily. We realized there are a lot of Emily's out there though. Do you think it will continue to be in the top 200 or so for many years to come or will it become a name such as Amanda that was super popular and you just don't hear of anymore?

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    I think Emily will always be popular because it is such a wonderful name. I think it's boy equivalent is William. A nice thing about Emily is that yes, it's well known, but it's not overused, so it will never really go out of style. I adore the name Emily, it happens to be one of my best friend's names, but I fell in love with the name after being Emily in the play "Our Town" by Thornton Wilder. Emily is a name that doesn't need a nickname, but has a few easy ones: Em, Emy, Mily. (I call my friend Emzy Bear sometimes, but mostly Em or Emily.). The other perks of Emily, is it's not going to be shortened automatically, it'll only be shortened affectionately. Hope that made sense!

    I guess what I'm trying to say is I LOVE EMILY!

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    Emily seems to age very well, just like Lily, Elizabeth, and other classics. I predict Emily will still be popular at least one decade from now if not longer. I am fairly confident that Emily will rank in the top fifty for many years to come. if that popularity bother you and your wife, you could always reserve Emily as a middle name.

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    Emily of 13 1/2 years here! I love my name. It is simple and sweet. My surname is pretty long and unusual, so it balances that out. Emily has beautiful namesakes, like Dickinson and Brontë. Yes, it's popular, I believe it has good reason to be popular! It will never be dated. I have met Emilys of all ages. It has endless nickname possibilities. All in all, I think it is a nice, solid name.

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    There are tons of Emily's. However, I feel like it is a classic. If you love it, then use it. I don't think it will be dated.

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